What Is Real Estate Tokenization & How Appealing Is It?

What Is Real Estate Tokenization & How Appealing Is It?
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NFTs are surprisingly surpassing the expectations in their trading volume and are finding their applications in multiple sectors. Here, in this microblog, we’ll see through what real estate tokenization is all about and how an entrepreneur like you can benefit from starting a business out of it. 

What is an NFT real estate tokenization?

In general, a real estate business is where property sellers and buyers are connected via a real estate broker. This real estate broker is the middleman between the property owner and the buyer who wishes to buy the property. So, basically, a middleman will facilitate the trading process, and he should be paid commissions by both parties (buyers and sellers). 

When it comes to NFT real estate, it is about how users can trade virtual real estate properties on the real estate tokenization platform. You need to know that all the virtual estate properties like land, house and other buildings are Non-Fungible Tokens. And these NFTs will have a certain value, and users can trade them. 

How to develop a real estate tokenization platform? 

Since the craze for metaverse is getting increased, virtual real estate trading is also becoming popular. NFT marketplace development companies like Appdupe take up real estate tokenization platform development projects as they have vast experience in handling NFT platform development projects. 

What are the features to expect in a real estate tokenization platform?

  • 3D NFT listing
  • Trending NFTs
  • Search function
  • Smart search filters
  • Top NFT buyers
  • Trading activity
  • Crypto wallet
  • Auction
  • Ratings  


The popular virtual real estate tokenization platforms include Decentraland, Sandbox, and Cryptovoxels. These platforms are more of a gaming cum NFT trading platform, where players can buy the properties using the platform’s native crypto tokens. Stick to the trend by launching a platform for the tokenization of real estate.  

What Is Real Estate Tokenization & How Appealing Is It?

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