Tips to consider when buying Draft Beer Towers

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The beer tower is one of the most crucial elements of any draught beer setup. No more jugs, please! Turn on the faucet and pour however much beer you want. Modern beer receptacles come in various sizes, arrangements, and designs, but they all share one trait: they're stylish and add to the ambiance of the bar counter.


Tips to consider when buying Draft Beer Towers


  • Material 

Metal is a common material for such tools. The beer tower, for instance, is more immune to minor flaws and scratches thanks to its chrome plating of stainless steel. Brass and copper can also be used to make beer structures.


You can choose beer towers with the number of taps you need, whether 2, 3, or even multi-tap units with 12 or even 14 faucets if the restaurant offers Drip And Drain Pans with various beers.


  • Amount of supports and pedestals

Many American bars frequently install impressive beer dispensers with two pedestals in addition to the conventional single-pedestal type. These versions are created for places with a lot of beer lines and a lot of beverages flowing through the system. Up to 12 cranes can be added to two-pedestal models! Draft Beer Towers will be noticeable from every angle of your bar due to their size and unique design, encouraging customers to try your offerings!


  • Cooling type

A good drink should be cold. Beer machines collaborate with a unique cooling system because they are a component of the draught beer system.

  • Do you have a little bar with kegs of alcohol right underneath the counter?
  • You can choose air conditioning in this situation.
  • Do you run a sizable place with a long-draw dispensing setup for beer towers far from Beer Keg Tap ?


Then glycol refrigeration is all that is required. By the way, maintaining the beer's temperature during transit isn't the only benefit of this cooling technique.


Tips to consider when buying Draft Beer Towers


Position and arrangement

There are numerous installation options accessible, including:

  • T, T-box, and Y structures can all be mounted on a bar counter. They are quite adaptable and can use both glycol and air refrigeration. Such towers enable you to pour several different types of beer due to their configuration.
  • The bar counter also has elbow models fitted. They offer greater installation freedom because of their L-shaped design. Additionally, tourists are drawn in by the peculiar appearance.
  • Wall Mounted Beer Tap is a fantastic choice for bars with little counter room. They are hung on the wall, as their name would imply. A model with 1 to 12 strikes is an option.



You can select the preferred design in addition to the finishing substance.

  • Towers have a look similar to industrial pipes and are appropriate for ergonomic contemporary craft bars.
  • Style models will enchant you with various looks, including conventional and steampunk.

The company is an expert in beer equipment and is prepared to assist you in choosing the best option for your requirements so that the beer dispensing process in your bar will be both easy for you and amazing for your customers.

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