How to choose beer tower and keg taps?

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One of the drinks that people consume the most worldwide is beer. It is used in both artisanal and industrial. Today the alternatives are almost infinite: with and without alcohol, black, blonde, red, malt, double hop, bottled, canned, and barrelled. This last format has gained ground in recent years in the hospitality sector. 

  1. Barrel types

In bars worldwide, pressurized draft beer is most frequently served. Beer is forced into the tap or dispensing tap from a metal keg pressurized with carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. Some beers can be served with a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Nitrogen produces fine bubbles, resulting in a dense head and creamy mouth feel.There are different sizes of beer kegs to choose from; choose the ideal type of keg for your catering establishment depending on sales volume and available space.

How to choose beer tower and keg taps?

  1. Couplers and valves

A couple, also known as a  Beer Keg Tap, connects to the valve on your keg, so it's important that you choose one that matches your given keg type. The coupler gets beer flowing by connecting to a CO2 regulator via a gas hose, allowing compressed air to enter the keg and push beer for your patrons.

  1. Griffin towers

Beer tap towers, often referred to as draft beer towers or keg arms, mount to the top of a counter or beer keg and maintain the taps of beer and keep the beer lines contained. When selecting a beer tap tower, there are two key considerations.

  • How many barrels will you dispense? This will determine how many griffins the shot tower will need to accommodate.
  • What column size do you need? This is most important if you are buying a draft beer tower as a replacement for a worn or broken unit. You need a tower with a column of the same diameter because the cut on your counter or beer keg has already been made.

On busy nights, you can quickly fill mugs with your best-selling brews thanks to Draft Beer Towers, which hold the taps together and have a specific configuration that directly affects performance. However, once you've whittled down your possibilities by responding to the aforementioned questions, selecting a tower boils down to personal taste in design.

How to choose beer tower and keg taps?

Customers won't typically be able to see the components discussed thus far; Wall Mounted Beer Tap allows you to improve the presentation and match your décor. You can select from various materials, including brass, chrome, and stainless steel, as well as regular and T-style designs.

  1. Accessories

Additionally, a wide range of excellent accessories is available to support upgrading and maintaining your draft beer system for dependable, long-lasting performance in your hospitality company.

Barrel transportation is simplified with barrel dollies and barrel trucks, and barrel racks provide a convenient storage solution. Beer tap brushes help you keep lines clean, while beer tap stoppers keep fruit flies, dust, and other contaminants out of beer taps overnight. And if you're worried about theft or loss of your keg system, consider investing in locks for each of your faucets. 

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