Advantages of using a tray with beer tap system

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Nothing is more unpleasant than sitting at a bar with your arm sticking to the surface. Imagine that you will have a drink and find that the bar has traces of drink. In addition to being unhygienic, it discourages consumption. To prevent drops of beer from flooding the bar, they use beer drip tray. This gadget has been around for a long time and is nothing new.

Today, the industry provides different trays depending on the hotelier's needs. Most are made of stainless steel due to the excellent properties of this material to resist corrosion in a humid environment. At the same time, unlike other porous materials such as wood, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria or fungi on surfaces without recesses.

Drip pan for beer:

In any case, remember that Stainless Steel Drip Pan must be cleaned daily to avoid the accumulation of drink remains, which can generate a source of contamination over time. Therefore, after each service, you should rinse it with at least hot water. Although, depending on the manufacturer, there are certain products that they can use to disinfect it.


Advantages of using a tray with beer tap system

Interestingly, they can incorporate both a wet glass and the drain in the same tray. When it comes to throwing the beer for two fundamental reasons. On the one hand, it allows you to eliminate any speck of dust that remains on the surface of the glassware. On the other hand, it creates a thin film of water that runs along the internal walls of the glass.

Regardless of the type of installation, the hotelier has chosen, you will find a tray that suits your situation. There are bar edge models, trays with flap embedded, protection grids in the shape of a bucket to be placed on the bar, and even a universal format tray to be located with the help of a support or built-in clamp. You can find any of these modalities at Install Beer as an equipment supplier not only for beer but also for the supply of other beverages.



Advantages of using a tray with beer tap system

A good beer tap is essential:

Even if draft beer is generally a plus, it can taste stale. However, this is not due to the draft beer itself but rather the Commercial beer tap system with which it is served. Because the emptier the barrel is, the more air it contains. There must be sufficiently high pressure in the beer keg. 

With party kegs for private celebrations, it usually looks different. Since they cannot normally be connected to a real faucet system, an increasing loss of vitality cannot be avoided. Impurities are also a possible cause that can affect the taste. Therefore, beer dispensers need to be cleaned regularly and properly.

There is little distinction between draft and bottled beer. The identical beverage is in both containers. However, there are distinct flavour variances that a beer enthusiast should pay attention to. This is about five percent higher for draft beer than for bottled beer. For this reason, freshly brewed draft beer tastes nicer and, of course, tastes much spicier.  

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