The most important feature of brand clothing.

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The huge amount of sportswear made of functional materials makes it challenging for athletes to choose the correct item. Unique membrane fabrics are breathable, protective, compressible, and often "look too cool." The primary purpose of performance apparel is to improve the health and performance of athletes in all climates. Manufacturers continue to produce more or less radical and functional innovations in this area.


The most important feature of brand clothing.


A few years ago, a runner wore a loose, faded T-shirt (which probably couldn't be used for anything else) and matching pants. Today's runners wear compression underwear and T-shirts made of high-tech fabrics, particularly breathable and windproof running jackets and socks on the skin with fantastic reflective surfaces.

  • Protection against wind and weather

A special fabric combined with a membrane protects against the wind and ensures waterproofness. bjj gi brands successfully produce practical clothing in this area.

  • Absorbs moisture

Bjj gi sale promotes moisture absorption. Sweat and moisture are transferred from the skin through the clothing to the outside. This ability to breathe keeps the athlete's body and clothing dry and prevents hypothermia. Ventilation is often of particular importance when it comes to sportswear.

  • Insulation

It must be the optimal temperature under your sportswear Ð neither cold nor hot. The degree of this temperature depends on the load and the sport.

  • Light and strong

Functional clothing must be durable, as the material is particularly emphasized during sports activities. Every gram you carry robs you of energy and threatens your time and results. Sportswear is made from a wide variety of materials. They can distinguish between natural and synthetic fibers.

Rashguards are specially developed to protect against light. It uses a unique material that protects your skin from sunburn and prevents abrasion and other damage. In addition to functionality, the rash guards adapt perfectly to the shape of your body, making them highly comfortable to wear and a cosy companion even on long sailing trips.

Bonded seams and blind corners are also great for maximizing comfort and extending the garment's life. As with classic wetsuits, rash guards should also be free of seams on the areas of the body that move the most in the sport they play. This is because the shoulder area rubs against the skin, increasing the risk of injury. However, most manufacturers avoid the formation of welds in these critical areas. Of course, rash guards are less waterproof than wetsuits, but they quickly absorb water inside, so you don't feel like you're wearing wet clothes.

A rash guard can be worn for diving, snorkeling, freediving, and other water sports. When diving, a rash guard is often worn under a wetsuit, for example, in lower temperatures, but it can also be worn normally.

The womens bjj gi rash guard can also be worn separately when diving or surfing when it's too hot for a wetsuit. A rash guard is very popular with surfers as it helps reduce irritation and skin rashes from sliding up and down a surfboard.



From rash guard shirts to full suits

There are several variations of rash guards jiu jitsu gi brands not only offer shirts and shorts but also complete suits. Thus, the wearer is completely protected from irritation and skin rashes when diving or doing sports.

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