Shopify Public App Advantages: Turbocharge your Business

Shopify Public App Advantages: Turbocharge your Business
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Do you want to scale your Shopify store and take it to the next level? The secret lies in leveraging the huge array of apps available on the Shopify App Store. As a store owner, you have access to over 2,800 free and paid apps that can enhance your store’s functionality, automate processes, and boost sales. 

Whether you need a slick new Shopify theme, want to set up dropshipping, start selling on social media, or build a rewards program, there’s an app for that. The best part is you don’t need any technical skills to get started. The app developers have done the heavy lifting so you can reap the benefits. 

So, why not unlock Shopify public app development services advantages today and take your business to new heights? 

Shopify Public App Advantages

Shopify Public App Advantages: Turbocharge your Business Draft

Building a Shopify public app is a smart move for any developer. Here are a few of the major benefits it offers:

  • Reach a huge audience: There are millions of merchants on Shopify, and your app will be available to a vast audience. The Shopify App Store sees over 1 billion store visits per year, so you'll have plenty of opportunity for exposure.
  • Make money: You can charge for your app on a monthly subscription basis, take a one-time upfront fee or a percentage of sales. Shopify's payment processing means you'll get paid easily and regularly.
  • Leverage the Shopify API: The GraphQL Storefront API gives you full access to a merchant's store data, so you can build just about any app imaginable. Create sales reporting apps, product filtering apps, shipping apps, and much more.
  • Low barrier to entry: It's free to join the Shopify Partner Program and build apps. You can get set up quickly and start developing right away. 
  • Build your business: A successful public app can become the foundation of your own Shopify app development agency or SaaS business. You'll gain valuable experience in the platform, build your profile, and win new clients.
  • Stay ahead of trends: Developing apps on Shopify allows you to promptly benefit from the latest features and updates upon release. 

Key Features to Include in Your Public App

Once you’ve built your Shopify app, it’s time to make it available to merchants in the App Store. To attract users and stand out, be sure to include some key features.

Simple but useful functionality

Focus on solving one problem really well. Don’t overload your app with lots of complicated features. Start with a few core functions that provide concrete value, then build from there based on customer feedback.

Intuitive interface

Your app should offer a user-friendly experience which enables merchants to get started quickly. Use visual elements like icons, images and video walkthroughs to help explain how your app works.

Customization options

Give merchants the ability to tweak settings and controls to best suit their needs. Options to change colours, text, layouts and more will make your app feel tailor-made for each store.

Strong reviews and ratings

Build a base of happy, loyal customers who will leave positive reviews and high ratings in the App Store. Respond to all feedback and make continuous improvements to your app. High ratings and reviews will boost your visibility and credibility.

Marketing tools

  • Offer things like email templates, social media posts, blog content, and other resources to help merchants promote their use of your app.
  • Integrate your app with marketing platforms like Mailchimp, HubSpot or ActiveCampaign.
  • Provide an affiliate program so customers can earn a commission for referring new users.

An app that checks these boxes will be poised for success in the Shopify App Store. With a solution that truly helps merchants grow their business, you'll build a dedicated customer base and see your creation take off.

Save Time and Money with Offshore Public App Development

Shopify Public App Advantages: Turbocharge your Business Draft

You have an amazing app idea that you know will disrupt the Shopify app store, but building it yourself will take months of work.  By hiring an experienced offshore public app development agency, you can have a fully functioning app built for a fraction of the cost and time.

Shopify app developers have the expertise to build apps efficiently. They know the ins and outs of the Shopify API and have developed dozens of apps, so they won’t waste time figuring things out or making rookie mistakes. 

Offshore agencies charge a lot less than local developers. You’ll typically pay between $30 to $150 per hour for an offshore Shopify developer, compared to $150 to $250 per hour for a local developer.

When you add it all up, offshore development makes sense. In the time it would take you to learn how to build an app and stumble through creating it, an experienced developer can have your app built and earning revenue. 

You get an affordable, professionally built app without the headache of figuring it out yourself. Your Shopify customers get an amazing new app with responsive Shopify themes. And your offshore development partner gets to do what they do best.

How to Choose the Right Shopify Public App Development Agency

Check Their Experience

An experienced agency will have a proven track record of success and be up-to-date with the latest Shopify API changes and app certification requirements. They will also likely have a larger portfolio of live apps to showcase their work.

Review Their Portfolio

Ask for samples of the Shopify apps they have built. An agency that has experience building apps similar to what you need will be able to deliver a higher quality product.

Consider Their Location

Working with an agency in a similar time zone can make communication and collaboration more convenient. With video calling and project management tools, location matters less if you find an agency you connect with that can work within your budget.

Discuss Pricing and Timelines

Ask the agency for an estimate of the total cost to develop your Shopify app, including a breakdown of each stage from design to deployment in the App Store. Also discuss estimated timelines at each stage to make sure you have a realistic understanding of how long the full development process can take. 

Look for an agency that is transparent about any additional or ongoing costs for support, maintenance, or updates after launching your app.

Trust Your Instinct

Go with the agency that you feel most comfortable with and confident in. Things like prompt and thoughtful communication, a genuine interest in your needs, and a willingness to answer all your questions are good signs.

Final Thoughts

After going through the points mentioned in this blog choose the right Shopify public app development company based on their experience, portfolio, location and pricing. To know more about Shopify public app advantages and how it can help your business grow, contact out team at CartCoders.

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