Poll Signing, Witnesses, and Execution with our Services

Poll Signing, Witnesses, and Execution with our Services
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12 December 2023

As soon as you obtain your Deed Poll, you must sign it and have it witnessed. This is what the legal term "execution" refers to. We will include instructions on how to complete your Deed Poll and any duplicate copies with it, so that your name change is entirely legal. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that this occurs.

A possible catalyst for a deed poll?

If you are British and reside in the UK mainland or Northern Ireland, your witnesses must be at least eighteen years old.

Your witnesses must be psychologically sound and well-known to you.

Your witnesses should not be connected to you in any way. As a result, your witness could be a friend, neighbor, or coworker rather than a member of your family, your spouse, or your roommate.

For a deed poll, how many witnesses are required?

A deed poll needs the presence of trustworthy witnesses. Once your One witness deed poll has been chosen, have them sign your deed poll with a black ink pen. It is a good idea to have your witnesses read your deed poll before they sign to ensure that they understand what they are doing.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions concerning your deed poll witnesses. We have staff members available to help you with any inquiries you may have. The witness you choose must be a UK resident and at least eighteen years old if you are a British national living in the country.

They must be independent of you, but they must have known you for a significant amount of time and be able to recognize you by name. This essentially means that you cannot have them as a family member, roommate, or romantic partner.

Additionally, individuals must possess full mental capacity, which is the ability to make decisions notwithstanding mental disorders, impairments, illnesses, or diseases. It is presumed that all individuals possess the capacity for thought unless otherwise demonstrated.

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