What Is Deed Poll Name Change and Its Procedure?

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A deed poll is a legal and official document - binding a single party to a particular course of action. It is not a legal contract as it only applies to one party. The most common use of a Deed in the UK is to change a person’s name. This type of deed is also called as Deed of change of Name. It is also called as Change of Name Deed.

When a person receives their Deed Poll, they must execute it. This means that they have to sign it and have this signing witnessed. Upon signing a Deed of Change of Name or Deep Poll Name Change, a person commits themselves to renounce, relinquish, and abandon the use of their former name and to use their new name at all times.

It is also crucial to require everybody to address them only by their new name, when a person wishing to change their name signs their documents they must do so in the presence of a witness. There are certain requirements that the witness must meet. This witness must be at least 18 years old, live at a different address and known to the person, but be independent of them, but not family member.

They have the ability to speak, read, and understand English. When a legal guardian changes a child’s name they must ensure that all those holding parental responsibility for the child give their consent for the name change, else it can be reversed. Legal guardians will sign the document on behalf of the child along with a witness. 

Deed Poll name change is the crucial process. You have to search for the top agency that is convenient for you. Deed Poll is a one stop trusted name in this domain providing with precise solutions.

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