Meaning of Response Words

Meaning of Response Words
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Some Hajis from all over the world have already arrived at the sacred holy land, and some are preparing to go to the holy land, and many more people have not been able to go there due to various reasons. Although their bodies have not arrived, their hearts have already flown. to the Holy Land.

They were eager to visit the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and say salaah to him and his two loyal followers Abu Bakr and Umar, as well as the Sahabis who are buried in the al-Baqar cemetery They are looking forward to going to the Kaaba to complete the parade, drink the Zamzam spring, and run between Sufa and Melewa, but not all of them can fulfill this wish. We are very envious of those who have the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage this year people!

Pilgrimage is a unique practice in human history. Since the beginning of the saint Ibrahim, there has been an endless stream of hajis who have gone to the Holy Land for thousands of years. How many Muslims are running to the Holy Land?

What is the meaning of Hajj? This is a question we Muslims should think about. Of course, pilgrimage is to obey the command of Allah to us and follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Hajj is called lifelong homework. For human beings, apart from personal meritorious service, Hajj has a deeper meaning. We can sum it up in eight words: everyone is equal, and the world is peaceful.

For thousands of years, human beings have been pursuing and longing for equality, but only Islam has sincerely called for and realized this concept. There are many ways to achieve equality. Hajj is a symbol of equality and a practice of equality. The equality advocated by Islam does not just stay on the lips but is realized in the practice of worship, and of course, it is also realized in our lives. This is included in almost all the prayers, but especially in the Hajj.

All Muslims, regardless of whether they are billionaires or poor, whether they are dignitaries or poor people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or the language they speak, there is no difference when they enter the religion, and they must read the testimony.

When people are scheduled for worship, whoever comes early stands in front of the shift, unless it is an imam. In our local area and other places, we give up the front class to the imam and students, out of respect for them. But from the point of view of the teaching method, whoever comes early will stand in the front class. Is it reasonable for a billionaire to come late but push the poor people who came early to the back shift, and for an official to let the migrant workers stand behind? Is it okay for a person who thinks he is knowledgeable to protrude a bit when standing on shift? Of course, this is except for the imam. When the imam prays with others, he must also stand in line with everyone.

If a Muslim meets the conditions for zakat (Zakati), he must pay it; similarly, if he meets the specific conditions for fasting, he must also fast, especially for Hajj.

The homework of the Hajj is the embodiment of equality, which is manifested in many ways. Male Haji must wear a precept during the ordaining, which consists of only two pieces of white cloth similar to a Kefan (shroud). If someone wears the usual clothes or puts on an extra white cloth during the precept, that is not allowed. May I ask, is there anything else in this world that can embody equality like the Hajj? If the precepts are a manifestation of equality in Hajj, then the words of call reflect equality even more. During the annual pilgrimage, millions of Hajjis from all over the world, despite their different regions, skin colors, and wealth, all chant with one voice: " I am called! Lord! I am called! I am called Come! Only you are the only one, and I am called to come! Praise, grace, and authority are unique to you, only you are the only one!" Is there such equality in human history? Islam is so great, we are proud to be the bearers of Islam!

Everyone is equal, and world peace. Speaking of peace, the word "Islam" is derived from "peace". Looking at the various religions in the world, let's not look at their content and essence, but just look at their names. Some religions are named after their worship objects. Such as Christianity; some are named after their nation, such as Judaism and Hinduism; but Islam is not named after its worship object, such as the true bishop; nor is it named after its nation, such as Arabicism, or the name of its leader To be called, such as Muhammad.

Islam originated from peace, and the purpose it pursues is peace. The root cause of the world's unpeace is inequality. Only Allah knows the ultimate and all-encompassing connotation of Hajj, but with a simple rational analysis of the connotation of Hajj, it can be summed up as everyone is equal and the world is peaceful.

Let’s analyze the connotation of the call words. “ لبّيك ”  appears four times at a time. There are two explanations for this word. Sage Sin declared Hajj to the whole world, and Hajjs answered the call of the sage. "Those who have promised Allah will receive excellent rewards..." (13:18) There are many ways to answer. All good deeds done to obey Allah and give thanks to Allah are all answers, but Hajj is a special way of answering. The Holy Prophet ( Prayer for peace) said: "The reward of the (pure) pilgrimage that has been granted is only paradise. " "Man Liang" explains " لبّيك " in this way: In order to serve Allah and obey the Lord's orders, I am determined to stick to it for a long time. It means that the hajis have arrived at the holy place - the place where prayers are answered, and they must have the determination to "never leave unless forgiven by the Lord". The word "stick to" in the interpretation of "Man Liang" is an even number, which is intended to express multiple times.

Respond to Allah and stick to the bishop, so what are the aspects of sticking to it?

1. Believe in Allah. "You are the only one without a partner", recognizing the Lord as the only one and worshiping the Lord as the only one is the foundation of Islam, the fundamental foundation. No matter when, or what era, this is the highest principle. The biggest sin among the seventy deadly sins is to have companionship with Allah. There are many forms of companionship, which haunt us from time to time. The devil uses this method to destroy faith. No matter how many meritorious deeds a person has done, as long as he admits that the Lord alone made a mistake, even if it is a little bit, it will not help!

We firmly believe that everything comes from Allah, and He is in charge of everything, but there will be some problems in our thoughts and actions, even in our integrity. Touring the Kaaba is the homework of the Hajj. The Kaaba is only the direction we are facing when we pray. If someone thinks that they are worshiping the Kaaba, or even think that the Kaaba is a symbol of Allah, then this is to accompany Allah. The Kaaba is not an object of worship, it is merely the direction of worship. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is the only great man, the Holy One who seals all saints, but he is a mortal, not an object of worship.

2. Praise be to Allah. "Praise is unique to you", the meaning of praise is: to praise each other respectfully with the emotion of love. Only Allah is to be praised, "All praise is to Allah." (1:1)

Three, thank God. "Grace is only yours", let us think about the inexhaustible grace that Allah has given us, and conduct a chemical analysis of our human body, water accounts for 70%, and carbohydrates, iron, calcium, etc., these elements It is no different from the element of earth, for we were made from clay. But Allah did not make us clay or plants that cannot speak, but human beings with reason and thinking. It is the grace of Allah that makes us the only Muslims who recognize the Lord, and one of the holiest disciples who seal all the saints. Because of the noble face of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Allah) in front of Allah, Because of this, they became the most honorable nation. Allah selected the hajis to see Kaaba and complete the pilgrimage ceremony. Isn't all of this the grace of Allah? "If you were to count the favors of Allah, you would not be able to count them." (16:18)

4. Obedience to Allah. On the surface, it seems that this person has great power and that person has the ability, but in fact, the ultimate power is controlled by Allah. Overlord Xiang Yu and Liu Bang competed for the world. Xiang Yu was originally more powerful and stronger than Liu Bang, but in the end, it was Liu Bang who won. Such examples are too numerous to enumerate, all of which show that the kingship belongs only to Allah. "Say: O Allah, Lord of the kingdom! Give it to whomever you will bestow it; take it away from whomever you will take it; Make whoever is noble; whoever you want to be humbled, you will be humbled; the welfare is only in your hands; you are indeed omnipotent for all things." (3:26) The powerful figure in the Middle East and former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt was forced to step down after 30 years, and then Morsi became Egypt's first democratically elected president, who suffered a coup after only one year in office. The two were locked in the same prison. Morsi had just been imprisoned, and Mubarak was miraculously released from prison. It is unknown how the situation in Egypt will develop in the future. All these are in the hands of Allah, who can predict what will happen, and who can dominate all this except Allah?

Muslims mean those who obey, who do they obey? Obedience to Allah is a Muslim. Muslim also means peacemaker. There are many uncivilized phenomena that are common among hajis, such as grabbing seats and occupying rooms. Is this something done by a Muslim who obeys Allah and thanks, God? When a haji went to kiss the black stone like this, in order to achieve his own goal, he ignored others and elbowed a black brother. After returning, he disdainfully "taught" everyone how to open the way to kiss the black stone. When the word "black" is said, it is contemptuous. Is that the behavior of a person who loves his Muslim brothers? Belittling Muslims, and hurting Muslims is a serious crime. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Arabs are not superior to non-Arabs, and non-Arabs are not superior to Arabs; whites are not superior to blacks, and blacks are not superior to whites, except by fear of Allah."

Eating more, taking more, and occupying more is also very ugly phenomenon that occurs during the Hajj. Hajj is the representative of Muslims. Allah selected Hajj and made them fortunate enough to complete the homework for Hajj. Are those ugly phenomena the behavior of a representative? Do not think that the completion of the ceremony is the completion of the Hajj. A scholar said: "There are so many hajis! There are so few hajis!" On the surface, these words are contradictory. Hajidah means that there are many people, but too few people are allowed to perform Hajj. Therefore, this year's Hajj and those who will go to Hajj in the future must pay attention to their behavior and avoid uncivilized phenomena. This is the real Hajj.

I pray that Allah will give the Hajis a safe journey, and I also pray that Allah will give every one of us here the opportunity to perform Hajj, so as to achieve the four points contained in the call-to-response: believe in Allah, praise Allah, be grateful to Allah, and follow Allah in sequence.


Source: 响应词的含义
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