The Miracles of Quran

The Miracles of Quran
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Fourteen hundred years ago, the Quran was given to Earth. It was meant to serve as a comprehensive manual for Muslims everywhere. Even non-Muslims, through conducting specific experiments and deducing the scientific interpretation of verses in the Quran, profit from it. You can't fathom the magnitude of Islam's wonders.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the Ayat of the Quran over the course of many years, yet there is still a great deal of the book's secrets that have not been made public. It is our duty as Muslims to seek for the meaning of the Quran's verses, not just to memorise them.

Keep a pocket-sized Quran with you on your journey to Saudi Arabia for Hajj with the help of Hajj Packages London so you can recite verses from the holy book while you go. There is no other book in the world that can hold a candle to the Quran in terms of its incomparable attributes. People in Arab thought the Quran was founded on superstition and incorrect beliefs when it was first revealed 1400 years ago. They didn't give the book much consideration back then. However, as time has progressed, individuals have realised that scientific evidence supports these verses. Because of this, the number of converts to Islam continues to rise.

It was once widely held that the mountains serve as the sky's pillars. "God is He who raised up the heavens without any support" (Surah Sad, verse 2) is a passage from the Quran. Science has accumulated enough information to conclude that the sky does not require any kind of support to remain in place. Travelling to Mecca from London with an Umrah Package is a great opportunity to pray for the entire Muslim Ummah, asking Allah to lead them to the correct interpretation of the Quran's passages. We must not only read it, but also ponder its meaning and context in order to understand the message Allah Almighty is trying to convey. The entire Muslim world deserves all of Allah's infinite benefits.

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