All you need to know about Umrah before making your plans

All you need to know about Umrah before making your plans
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15 October 2022

Undeniably, millions of pilgrims travel to Mecca to perform Hajj and Umrah. Mecca is considered as one of the holiest places on earth. The Islamic ritual Umrah and Hajj are very close to Muslims and every Muslim yearns to perform Umrah and Hajj at least one time in a lifetime.

In Arabic, the meaning of Umrah is to visit a populated place. According to the Islamic jargon, Umrah means to perform Tawaf and Sa’I while in the clean stage of Ihram.

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The Purpose of Umrah

Any Muslim can perform Umrah and it can happen more than once in a lifetime. The primary purpose is to seek forgiveness for the past sins and eliminate one’s poverty as the pilgrim will demand a bigger sum of money to be spent on the travel arrangements. Allah oversees these expenses done by a person and He blesses the person so that the expenses are recompensed soon once he returns home. No trip the Kaaba is wasted.

All you need to know about Umrah before making your plans

Other than being blessed with more money, Umrah also strengthens the faith in Allah and performing this is equivalent to Jehad in Islam.

Where do you perform Umrah?

Umrah is performed at Al Masjid Al Haram located in Mecca. Mecca is a holy city of Saudi Arabia and it is the place where Prophet Mohammed was also born. It is towards the direction of Mecca that all the Muslims in world turn to offer their prayers 5 times a day.

Entering the state of Ihram

State of Ihram is very important in Umrah, in fact, the complete ritual is performed in this state of Ihram. This is sacred state of mind and body. When a person is in this state, he cannot quarrel, curse, or harm anyone, including insects. Going against the rules will break Ihram and may nullify the Umrah. So, you must be careful while performing Umrah.

To enter this state of Ihram, pilgrims must make sure to clean their bodies beforehand. They must clip their nails, trim any facial hair, and also take a shower. Pilgrims cannot wear makeup, perfume, or nail polish when they are in the state of Umrah.

Fortunately, the Umrah visa applications are being accepted easily these days. You can find an affordable umrah visa cost in Nizamabad. This is good news to the Muslims around the world that they can now travel to Mecca and head to this beautiful and pious journey. Of course, there are certain requirements that must be met before starting your journey and we will suggest that you find a reliable partner to perform Umrah.

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