How to Knit a Hat in the Round in Easy Steps

How to Knit a Hat in the Round in Easy Steps
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Hats are a fantastic project for those looking for a quick and easy project. No matter your skill level, it’s possible to make a beautiful hat with any type of knitting needles and yarn. If you need a gift at the last minute, want to make something special for yourself, or wish to give warmth to a person in need, a knitted hat is a perfect choice. It only takes a few hours or days to complete, making it the ideal quick knit.

Knitting needles for the Hat

The best option for knitting a hat is with double pointed knitting needles or circulars. You will need a set of five DPNs that are the right size for the project, but it’s important to have a basic understanding of how to use double pointed needles first. 

Circular knitting needles can also be used, with either a smaller length than the circumference of the project or a long needle for the magic loop technique. For a 20-inch circumference hat, the best option is a 16-inch circular needle. An interchangeable circular needle can provide a variety of tips and cords depending on your project’s needs, while the magic loop technique requires a circular needle with a length of 32-47 inches.


For your hat, you can use any yarn in your stash or even a single skein is sufficient. From your stash, you can use multiple shades to give it a spring or summery look.

Knitting Accessories

This seamless project will not require stitching with a darning needle. However, the needle can be used to add extra design features to the surface, such as a pom pom or tassel.

Hat knitting pattern

To take your knitting skills to the next level, there is a great unisex hat pattern. This can be worked up in one sitting, whether it’s while watching your favorite show, commuting, or taking a walk in the park. Comfortable knitting needles should be used, as well as other essential supplies such as stitch markers, a darning needle, and scissors. The pattern requires flat and purl stitches, and calls for lightweight, colorful yarn such as soft green, bright yellow, or blue. You can choose one color or a combination of various shades, or use the yarn from your stash. As far as knitting needles, DPNs or circulars in sizes US 6 and US 8 will work best. It is also recommended to knit a gauge swatch first, to ensure the right size.

The steps to knit a hat are simple: 

Step 1 - Cast on 64 stitches with a US 6 knitting needle and divide the stitches into four double points. Each double point will have 16 stitches. Add a stitch marker on the second last stitch of the round. 

If you are working with a single circular needle, then cast on stitches on the needle tip and stretch it over the needle length. If you are working with the magic loop technique or even two circular knitting needles, cast on stitches and divide them equally on both tips. For the hat, divide 32 stitches on one needle tip and 32 on the other.

You need to join the round. For this, use any method you prefer. An invisible join such as casting an extra stitch and slipping it to the other needle tip is a good option. You can also explore other methods.

Step 2 - For 6-7 rounds, or 4 inches, knit one and purl one. The rib stitch pattern is very stretchy and gives the perfect fit. You can also experiment with knit 2 and purl 2.

Move the stitches to a US 8 knitting needle and knit in stockinette stitch for 10-15 inches, or extra slouchy if desired. 

Step 3 - To form the hat shape, begin decreasing with a K2tog after every 14 stitches, until you have 60 stitches. 

Step 4- Continue to K2tog after every 13, 12, 4 and 5 stitches, until you have 44, 36, 28 stitches, respectively. 

Step 5 - Knit one round without decreasing, then K2tog after every 2 and 3 stitches until you have 28 stitches. 

If you are knitting with circular needles you can choose to transfer the stitches to double-pointed needles. If you are working the magic loop technique or two circulars you can continue without moving stitches.

Step 6 - Bind off knitwise and use a darning needle to draw all the stitches in, then weave the yarn end into the stitches. 

With this pattern, you will have a beautiful, warm hat to keep or give away!


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