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The Mindful Collection offers a variety of high quality knitting needles and accessories. Our Mindful knitting collection is helpful in meditation, anxiety, and stress relief. The Mindful Collection: As a company, in a country, that has long known and appreciated the value of meditation; we felt it right to harness our knowledge of making superior knitting and crochet tools to the soulful aspects of

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the craft.

Knitting Needles Set: Want multiple needle sizes, accessories and more in one place? Explore the range of knitting needle sets. Carrying many sizes and accessories, the sets come in options of double-pointed, fixed circulars and interchangeable circular needles. The Mindful Collection offers specially designed sets in soothing teal shades with mindful imagery that are prized possession for knitters.

How to Knit a Hat in the Round in Easy Steps

Hats are a fantastic project for those looking for a quick and easy project. No matter your skill level, it’s possible to make a beautiful hat with any type of knitting needles and yar...
28 March 2023 ·
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