Be Aware of Types of International Student Accommodations

Be Aware of Types of International Student Accommodations

Many students in different parts of the world decide to study abroad after completing their schooling. UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and many other nations in the world host international students. After getting enrolled in a university/college in some other part of the world, the next requirement happens to be a place to stay.

In the present scenario when a large number of students visit overseas to get higher education, it is not arduous to find a place for accommodation in any country that hosts international students. The process also has become very easy nowadays. Unlike past, you can search for and book student accommodation easily today through the accommodation service platform websites.

But, to get the right place to stay, you need to be aware of the types of international student accommodations. There are different types of accommodation units available these days among which you can choose as per your requirement if that is available in your university city.

Below, you can read some details about the most common types of accommodations for students in different parts of the world.


A studio is a private & self-contained unit, in which you find a big space with all the facilities of an apartment. You find a study area, open kitchen area, double bed, etc. in one big space. Besides, you get an ensuite bathroom separately.

Different types of studios are available with single occupancy and double occupancy features. A double occupancy studio can be shared by two students.


Two types of apartments can be found these days – student apartments in purpose-built students’ properties and private rental apartments.

In purpose-built properties, apartments with one or more bedrooms can be found. Some properties provide one bedroom to one student whereas there are some others in which two students can stay in one bedroom. So, the number of students in an apartment depends upon the number of bedrooms and the occupancy offered by the property owners. For example, if there are four bedrooms in an apartment and the property owner allows two students to stay in that apartment, then eight occupants can stay in that flat.

In these apartments, you can either find ensuite or shared bathrooms. The other areas such as the kitchen, living room, etc. are shared by all the residents.

The other types of apartments are private rental apartments. These apartments are located anywhere in the city in which you are enrolled. In such apartments, students can make their own arrangements. They can make their own rules and can either stay alone or can share them with housemates.

Ensuite Rooms

An ensuite room is a private room, which is occupied by a single person. This room comes available with an attached bathroom. The areas like the kitchen and living area are shared by all the residents.

Shared Rooms

As the title itself depicts, a shared room is a type of room, which is shared by multiple residents. There are some small shared rooms, which are occupied by two individuals whereas there are also some big rooms also in which more than two people can live.

All the areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and lounges are shared in the shared rooms. It is to be noted that a few properties offer shared rooms with the title “ensuite rooms”. So, when you start searching for shared rooms you should check the occupancy offered in the ensuite rooms also.

How to Find and Book the Above-Mentioned Types of Accommodations

To find and book the above-mentioned types of accommodations, you are required to visit the accommodation platform websites. On these websites, you are required to search the name of the city first where you are enrolled in a university/college and you need a place to stay.

After doing this, you will find a complete list of accommodation properties, which are offering residences in the city you have searched. You can also search for the name of the university/college in which you have taken admission. This will allow you to find properties meant for accommodation near your institute.

Below the images and names of the properties, you will read which types of accommodations are available inside them. You can click the names or images of the properties one by one where your desired housing units are available and can read the details of the properties as well as the units.

Some accommodation platform websites also provide a special comparison feature through which you can compare the details of 2 to 4 properties in a city on a single page in the tabular format. The details you can compare may include prices, features, and distance from the universities.

Final Words

By selecting the accommodations carefully according to your requirements, you can definitely live a comfortable life abroad.

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