Tips to Decorate Your Student Accommodation Nottingham

Tips to Decorate Your Student Accommodation Nottingham
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Your newly decorated dorm room transforms into a warm and unique home. There are inexpensive and simple ways to make your dorm room pop, whether you want to make elaborate designs or just hang up your old boyband posters.

Add some fairy light strings.

Any student who wants to design a cosy bedroom fit for Pinterest needs a string of fairy lights. They can be used to hang pictures from home on pegs and can be strung about a room.

Make your bookcase unique.

If you’re inventive, you can use anything to hold your possessions. With a little care and attention, even a modest stepladder may become a lovely storage element. If the back panel of your bookshelf is simple, you can add images to fill the spaces left by your books to make them more unique. By doing this, you’ll have every friend at your side (at least in spirit) as you navigate through the next essay deadline.

Remember to use the drawer space.

You can easily organise and beautify your storage area by taking a few simple steps. Consider these separators, which may instantly spruce up a drawer of socks or pants.

Puncture lampshade fabric

Even simple light shades can be customised! You can project any design you want around your Student Accommodation Nottingham if you make holes in them. A word of caution: only use this method on lamps that you own, otherwise you risk losing your security deposit.

Make your own calendar of due dates.

It goes without saying that students have a lot to remember with all the essay due dates, exam dates, and buddy lunches. Making your own deadline board is a far better (and neater) solution than covering your entire room in post-it notes. This one is our favourite because it has such a straightforward design and only requires a corkboard and some thread. You might also use an old tray as an alternative.

Create removable wallpaper at home.

It may seem frightening but bear with us. It turns out that all you need to make temporary wallpaper is some fabric sheets and liquid starch. All you have to do is pick out your favourite material and then use a sponge roller to stick it up using the starch. You can just take it off when you’re prepared to move out.

On a corkboard, hang accessories.

It is not impossible for storage choices to be appealing as well. Consider this jewellery board, which is a practical method to organise a space and keep track of necklaces. If you want to keep your bedroom’s decor simple, you can attach these to the inside of wardrobe doors.

Build a headboard on your own

Create your own headboard to add some personality if your bed is looking a little plain. Simply go to the closest hardware store and get a decent-sized piece of wood, which you can then decorate however you like with lights, cloth, or other items.

Tips to Decorate Your Student Accommodation Nottingham

Add some colour with cushions.

Slogan pillows, as well as those with vibrant or unusual designs, may liven up a bed area. Many amazing character-inspired items such as Harry Potter are available online. You will also find a wide variety of things online with which you can decorate any dorm room.

Paint your own rug

Painting a rug is a simple method to get a one-of-a-kind, personalised item. There are many inexpensive carpets available for you to utilise in charity stores and other secondhand stores, but the one with the lowest pile will produce the best results. You can also check for rugs online.

You can use washi tape for anything.

Don’t worry about losing your deposit—Washi Tape is a mystical Japanese masking tape that can be totally removed and reused. Use it to make photo frames, additional removable wallpaper, and, our personal favourite, innovative wall art with a pineapple motif.

Make your hangers unique.

If you use a lot of mismatched hangers in an open wardrobe with a visible hanging rail, things can look incredibly unkempt. Alternatively, consider purchasing a pair of inexpensive hangers and personalising them to match your room. For a posh touch, cover them in cloth, spray paint them gold, or add sequins.

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