Where to Find the Best Student Accommodation York

Where to Find the Best Student Accommodation York
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York, a historic Roman-built town in the northeast of England, is well-known for its city walls that enclose its core. Due to its prestigious higher education institutions and ability to provide students with an exciting university lifestyle, this well-known English city draws both domestic and foreign students. View the attractions that this historic city has to offer using our student housing in York.

Tang Hall

Somehow, Tang Hall has a poor reputation. It’s a great neighbourhood for families and students, has low rent, and is heavily populated by students. Yes, there are dozens of 12-year-olds riding bikes and congregating outside the co-op, but as long as you avoid eye contact with them, you probably won’t face any harassment. Apart from that, it’s a terrific area to live. The only significant drawback is that it’s neither very close to town nor to the university.


The vast duchy of Heworth is made up of wide-open boulevards lined with Victorian terraces, punctuated by tennis courts and parks, where you are more likely to run into a lecturer than another student. If you are able to locate a fellow student and enthusiastically approach them, they will unquestionably be YSJ. Heworth would be a great location to live if it weren’t on the moon; if seeing the cathedral is really essential to you, you can see it from there.

Badger Hill

Badger Hill is ideally located for everything university-related because it sits in the middle of the East and West campuses. But the majority of the advantages appear to end here. Badger Hill is virtually impassable during the school run and appears to have more elementary schools than residents. Here, you can find a number of luxurious and affordable Student Accommodation YorkAdditionally, during the past few years, allegations of an unidentified threat who is prone to public immorality have been spreading.


Osbaldwick is located between Badger Hill and Tang Hall but is a distance from the city. It’s a lovely place where you typically get a lot for your money. Some other students, families, and retirees are likely neighbours. This can become an issue when playing loud techno via the soundbar at 2 in the morning because it’s allegedly considered “anti-social behaviour.” Additionally, Osbaldwick has what may be the biggest B&Q in the country, for all your DIY requirements.

Heslington Road area

Heslington Road is a fiercely contested piece of land since it is home to Efes Pizza&kebab, one of North Yorkshire’s most significant religious sites. Although the homes are frequently somewhat unfurnished and mouldy, the proximity to the university and the town makes up for it. Be prepared to be surrounded by other students, with the mecca bingo representing the region’s youthful vitality.


I and many others are still unsure of Fulford, but I have reliable information that students do really reside there. According to what I gather, the large barracks that sprawl over and surround it keep the pleasant residential neighbourhood in check. For most individuals, with the exception of the less noticeable Fulford inhabitants, it will continue to be recognised by first-year students as the location of the Aldi.

Hull Road

Hull Road in York is a well-liked student community because of its close proximity to the University of York. There are many York student halls in this vibrant student neighbourhood, but due to their popularity, they are more expensive. It’s convenient to go out for a night in the town or to the city centre for shopping because it’s only a 30-minute walk or 15-minute bus trip away. There aren’t many pubs or restaurants in the area because it is primarily residential, although there is a Co-Op grocery and a few other services.


In York, Fishergate, a popular location for student housing, is located just south of the city centre. If being near the activity is important to you, Fishergate might be a good neighbourhood for you. It is adjacent to the River Ouse and just a short stroll from the city centre. Being nearer to the city gives you access to several neighbourhood bars and eateries, such as the Lighthorseman and the Edinburgh Arms, as well as Rowntree Park, which is just across the river and perfect for lazy afternoons spent outside.

You will now at least have a religious text that gives you a cursory and hazy account of some of the general locations within York when house viewings start and friendship groupings are gently ripped apart.

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