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Hi, I’m Tessa Young. I’m 28 and I work as a digital marketer at University Living. They’re a student accommodation glasgow provider with a global reach, operating in over 200 cities. Some of the main ones are London, Birmingham, Melbourne, Coventry and Toronto. Book now : https://www.universityliving.com/united-kingdom/city/exeter

The best areas in Reading to find a suitable student accommodation

A top-notch commuter belt location, Reading is one of the best places to be. It offers a lot to all the people tourists. Reading has been developed from a sluggish satellite of London into a seasoned...
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The 4 best way to manage student stress

Stress management for students is one of the best ways to help them to cope with the demands and challenges of college life. This technique helps the students to easily identify and manage their stres...
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Where to Find the Best Student Accommodation York

York, a historic Roman-built town in the northeast of England, is well-known for its city walls that enclose its core. Due to its prestigious higher education institutions and ability to provide stude...
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How to cope with exam stress: Tips for the students

Every year, a wide number of students give examinations and many of them feel that their future depends on their results. They take examinations very seriously and thus take a lot of examination stres...
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Tips to Decorate Your Student Accommodation Nottingham

Your newly decorated dorm room transforms into a warm and unique home. There are inexpensive and simple ways to make your dorm room pop, whether you want to make elaborate designs or just hang up your...
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How to Enjoy Your Time at Student Accommodation Manchester

Okay, so you’re leaving for university in Manchester, possibly leaving behind your parents, and you’ll probably spend at least your first year living in a resident hall close to your campus. If you fo...
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