All You Need to Know About Getting Car Insurance for Drivers with Disabilities

All You Need to Know About Getting Car Insurance for Drivers with Disabilities
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06 November 2023

The Americans With Disabilities Discrimination Act (1990) clearly mentions that car insurance providers cannot consider a driver's disability to increase the insurance rates. 

If you have any disability that affects how you drive, it is relatively easy to secure insurance approval by modifying your vehicle or getting medical approval.

So, the best car insurance for disabled drivers does not discriminate, and you can apply for it anytime.  

How Is Disabled Disabled Car Insurance Different from Ordinary Car Insurance?

Insurers generally increase car insurance premiums for disabled drivers since they assume that physical disability may impede the driving prowess of the driver.

However, it is important to know the following factors before applying for an auto insurance for disabled drivers: 

  • All Disabilities Aren't Similar - Not all disabilities are similar. For instance, if you need a cane or walker, your disability will be different from that of someone with poor eyesight. 
  • Medical Approval - If your license needs an additional endorsement, you may approach your state DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV will certify that you are capable of driving normally.
  • Additional Coverage - It is wise to apply for extra protection if you are driving for the first time. You may opt for roadside assistance or medical payment cover to enhance your safety.     
  • Higher Insurance Rates - Although disability cannot be a reason for the rejection of an auto insurance application, insurers may increase the rates based on the driving risk. For instance, car drivers with high diabetes, epilepsy, or fainting can pose a significant risk. Hence, drivers with such conditions may have to pay higher rates to secure insurance approval. 

Is Disabled Car Insurance More Costly Than Ordinary Car Insurance?

American insurers cannot charge higher insurance rates simply based on the driver's disability. However, if a driver's disability increases their risk profile, insurers may charge higher premiums to minimize their risks.

Moreover, your insurance premium may rise if your car needs adaptive modifications, such as wheelchair lifts, push-pull hand controls, alternative steering, etc., to suit your requirements.

Modifications are typically expensive, and if a driver or owner seeks out coverage for the additional modifications, they will need to pay extra. 

Which Factors Affect The Premium of Auto Insurance For Disabled Drivers?

The following factors affect the premium of disabled car insurance:

  • Modifications - As previously stated, vehicle modifications may enhance car insurance rates. Modifications are crucial in some cases, so paying an additional premium is imperative in such cases. 
  • Extra Coverage - Your premium will increase if you increase your limit or include add-ons, such as customized parts or replacement costs.
  • Change Your Driver - If your disability is the reason behind a cost spike, you may consider hiring a different driver. Ensure to make your driver the primary insured in your car insurance policy. 
  • Consider The Perils - The previous tip is good to keep your premium low. However, also remember that you will be excluded from the insurance coverage. And since insurance is mandatory to drive on American roads, you cannot drive your vehicle yourself anymore. 

How To Find The Cheapest Disabled Car Insurance?

The following tips mention the top things to consider when looking for the best car insurance for disabled drivers:

  • Compare Insurers - Check which insurer is offering the best deals before finalizing your insurance policy. 
  • Trust Telematics - Telematics, a.k.a. pay-as-you-go policy, refers to the system through which you pay insurance charges based on your driving habits. It tracks the way you drive to calculate the insurance charges. 
  • Choose Bundled Offers - Choosing one insurer for all your insurance needs can increase your chances of getting higher rebates.


Finding the best car insurance for disabled drivers is quite easy when you have the right approach. Check out the tips mentioned in this article to find the cheapest auto insurance for disabled drivers and drive peacefully on American roads. 

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