5 Benefits of car insurance

5 Benefits of car insurance

Have you ever had doubts about whether or not to take out auto insurance? We have prepared a list of the main benefits of car insurance so that you no longer hesitate and choose to drive insured.

Let's start with the main thing: when it comes to cars, no one is without risk. We are all exposed to having our car stolen, its accessories or having an accident. And what is even worse: the consequences are impossible to predict. Repairing your vehicle and that of others involved in an accident can be very expensive. There may even be people injured or deceased.

The positive side of all this is that -luckily- there is a solution: take out auto insurance to drive more calmly. There are different types of insurance based on the coverage they offer. The most complete contemplate the damage to your car, others only the damage caused to third parties (civil liability), or even some only respond in case of total loss. But no matter how simple they are, they will respond better than your own pocket.

The benefits of having auto insurance is that it allows the owner to drive with confidence and safety. This is because insurers provide support for any inconvenience on public roads, from crashes and theft to even damage due to natural or malicious causes. We show you all the advantages of having this protection.

What are the benefits of auto insurance?

  1. Protection against theft and natural disasters. Even when you have your vehicle sheltered indoors, you can be a victim of vandalism, a fire or a flood. If you have all-risk insurance, the insurer will respond for the damage caused. Home insurance policies also provide coverage for vehicles affected by fire or theft.
  2. Protection against accidents towards third parties. In the event of running over someone or hitting another vehicle while driving, the civil liability insurance covers the expenses caused by property damage and bodily injury to third parties. Think that having coverage in these cases allows you to save a lot of money.
  3. Mandatory insurance for registered cars. Any registered vehicle requires civil liability insurance. If you cancel your insurance, the Department of Motor Vehicles will report the situation and the State may require you to prove that you are not driving said car. In other words, having insurance helps you avoid red tape.
  4. Auto loan debt protection. If you are still paying for your car you will most likely be required to have insurance. This is a mandatory condition, regardless of whether you do not use it.
  5. Maintenance of insurance cost. If you let your car insurance lapse, the next time you need insurance you will have to pay higher premiums. An insurance coverage sustained over time guarantees you a stable value in your premium. Insurers evaluate the payment behavior of their clients to quote the value of auto insurance.


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