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Muller Energy is the leading provider of high-quality prismatic lithium batteries. We offer a wide range of products and services to meet your needs, including custom design and manufacturing capabilities. Our team, led by Ruben Muller, the founder, has over 10 years of experience in the industry, so we know how to get it right every time.

4 Most Impressive Features of Lifepo4 Batteries

Lithium iron phosphate is used as the positive electrode in lithium-ion batteries, which provides considerable benefits in terms of safety and cycle life. These are among the most significant technical power battery indicators. Lifepo4 battery has a 2000-cycle life at 1C charging and disch...
04 September ·
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The Factors that Makes Lifepo4 Battery Distinct Over Others

Lithium iron phosphate batteries possess some special characteristic that makes themdiverseover lead-acid and other lithium batteries. Improved discharge and charge efficiency, longer life term, no ma...
17 June ·
· 4 · Muller Energy

Three Things You Need to Know About LFP Battery

When it comes to the electric vehicle industry, you will be surprised to know that the sector is nowadays more or less dependent on lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. The studies show that they are the most extensively used batteries in manufacturing and EV industry sales in the US and Europe....
26 May ·
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The Advantages of LFP Battery That Make Them So Popular

The lithium-ion technology has emerged as a boon for users to get the most productive power source in different devices such as cell phones, laptops, powering tools, or even cars. With the evolving technological means these rechargeable batteries also developing in terms of their size, features, and...
04 February ·
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