The Factors that Makes Lifepo4 Battery Distinct Over Others

The Factors that Makes Lifepo4 Battery Distinct Over Others
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Lithium iron phosphate batteries possess some special characteristic that makes themdiverseover lead-acid and other lithium batteries. Improved discharge and charge efficiency, longer life term, no maintenance, maximum safety, and lightweight, to name a few.

Lifepo4 battery is not the cheapest on the market, but because of their long lifespan and need for little upkeep, they are the finest long-term investment. Let us find those specialties of these batteries that make them increasingly demanding in the market.

Avoiding Active Maintenance

The service life of Super B lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) can be increased passively. Additionally, there are no memory effects with the batteries, and because of their low self-discharge, you can keep them for a longer time. Special maintenance is required for lead-acid batteries. If not, their durability will be further reduced.

Portable Champion

Lithium batteries are often tiny and light because of the excellent power density of Super B LFP batteries. Lithium batteries have a tremendous energy density and at least half the mass of lead-acid batteries. If you wish to ease worries regarding battery size and weight, use lithium!

The Factors that Makes Lifepo4 Battery Distinct Over Others

Lifespan Is Long For Lithium

At an 80 percent depth of drain, Super B lithium iron phosphate batteries can be recharged up to 5000 times without losing performance. Lead-acid batteries only last two years on average. As recorded deep-cycle lead acid batteries may undergo 100-200 cycles before their performance of it drops to 70-80% of capacity. On average, lead-acid batteries demonstrate a cycle count of nearly 500, while LPF may withstand 1000 cycles. 

Safety Matter

Compared to Li-Ion and its counterparts, LPF Battery follows a safer technology. Particularly, they don’t have related to noxious fumes as well as off-gassing commonly found in lead acid or Lithium-ion batteries. LFP technology is much more advanced and caring about these dangerous issues, by employing a non-flammable electrolyte as a part of its technological chemistry. 

Faster Charging Capacity

It is possible to change lithium iron phosphate batteries fairly quicker compared to its counters, typically in a span of 1-2 hours backed by AC power as well as 3 to 6 hours of polar panel-based powers. The actual time of charging depends on different factors, including the capacity of the battery, charging method, and current.

High Energy Density

Lithium iron phosphate boasts a greater energy density as opposed to various other types of batteries.  Energy density is measured by the amount of energy that a battery can potentially store in every unit of its volume/ weight. From that viewpoint, the energy density of these batteries stands to nearly 130-140 Watt/kg — which is four times higher compared to traditional lead-acid batteries having a density of 30–40 Watt/kg.

To conclude, that makes these batteries unique from lead-acid wet batteries is that they are eco-friendly and negligibly impactful to the environment.

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