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We at Aruhma have made it our mission to bring traditional Indian cuisine to every German kitchen. We have fresh herbs and spices from the Himalayas.

Exploring the Joy of Vegan Cooking: Nourishing Body, Mind, and Planet

Introduction: In recent years, the popularity of veganism has skyrocketed, driven by a growing awareness of the impact of our food choices on both our health and the environment. Vegan cooking, which revolves around plant-based ingredients and excludes all animal products, has emerged as a creative...
21 June 2023 ·
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Die Magie der indischen Masalas: Vielfalt, Geschmack und gesundheitliche Vorteile

Neuformulierung: Indische Gewürze zeichnet sich durch Currys, würzige Gerichte und raffinierte Geschmackskombinationen aus. Eine wichtige Zutat in der indischen Küche ist die Gewürzmischung namens Masala. Indische Gewürzhändler sind darauf spezialisiert, den Speisen mi...
24 May 2023 ·
· 3 · Aruhma

Indian Cooking: Easy Lunch Ideas for a Delicious and Healthy Meal

Indian cooking is not only delicious but also has numerous health benefits. It is well known for its use of fresh ingredients and cooking techniques that retain the nutrients in the food. If you're looking for an easy lunch idea, Indian cooking has a lot to offer. Here are some ideas to get you star...
26 April 2023 ·
· 2 · Aruhma

How to employ various masala blends to enhance the flavor of your Indian cuisine

Masala  is a blend of dried herbs and aromatic spices to cook various meals. It is made out of whole spices that have been roasted, crushed, ground and pre-mixed, so they are easily available while cooking. The essence of Indian meals, recipes, and cuisine is masala. The distinctive flavours fo...
12 April 2023 ·
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