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Why Do Some Songs Get Stuck In Our Heads?

You've been there, humming a catchy tune for hours on end, unable to shake it from your mind. But why do some songs and voice overs get stuck in our heads like gum on a shoe? Let's unravel this musical mystery in this post.The Earworm EffectScientists call it an "earworm" – a song that loops endlessly in your head. It turns out that these mus...

Singing Demos · 25 October 2023 · 5

What Makes Your Voice Overs More Commendable?

As a voice artist, you might already be aware of excellent voice reels. Such voice reels are a way to keep moving ahead in your career and the industry. However, many young and novice singers do not understand this. They need to learn a few ideas tha...

Singing Demos · 09 March 2023 · 1