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Singing Demos is a London recording studio where you can trigger your singing career. This studio is perfect for recording songs, voice reels, and more. The experts at this studio are among the best. They make sure that the outcomes of your efforts are well-appreciated. Hence, working with Singing Demos is bliss.

Why Do Some Songs Get Stuck In Our Heads?

You've been there, humming a catchy tune for hours on end, unable to shake it from your mind. But why do some songs and voice overs get stuck in our heads like gum on a shoe? Let's unravel this musical mystery in this post.The Earworm EffectScientists call it an "earworm" – a song that loops e...
25 October ·
· 5 · Singing Demos

How to Make an Impressive Singing Portfolio with Vocal Reels?

Are you looking to showcase your talent as a singer? Do you want an extraordinary factor in your portfolio? Do you want to enhance your singing portfolio? If yes, voice reels are a great option. Vocal...
08 June ·
· 3 · Singing Demos

What Makes Your Voice Overs More Commendable?

As a voice artist, you might already be aware of excellent voice reels. Such voice reels are a way to keep moving ahead in your career and the industry. However, many young and novice singers do not u...
09 March ·
· 1 · Singing Demos