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Finding the ideal mix of therapies and parenting techniques for your child's particular requirements is a crucial part of parenting an ADHD child. However, it's crucial to receive a good diagnosis first. It might be difficult to parent an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) child. You can think they can't concentrate, always lose...

ela sharma · 18 May 2023 · 1

What is Psycho-Oncology and How Does it Work?

A specialized area of medicine called psycho-oncology concentrates on the psychological, social, and emotional effects of cancer and cancer therapy. In order to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients and their families, entails integrating psycho-psychological and behavioral therapies into cancer care. Numerous topics regarding ca...

ela sharma · 13 April 2023 · 2

What Are the Best Practices for Engaging Young Employees?

With the increasing number of youths, organizations are employing youths. Organizations need to come up with effective strategies to manage the youth and include them in decision-making and problem-solving. Some of the suggested strategies to engage young professionals are: Help them transition from college to work. Transitioning from pupil t...

ela sharma · 09 March 2023 · 1