Your Compact Guide to Top Surgery for Transgender Women & Gender Fluid Individuals

Your Compact Guide to Top Surgery for Transgender Women & Gender Fluid Individuals
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Top MTF breast surgery in Los Angeles is a treatment used to augment breast size and change the contour of the chest in transgender women and nonbinary people. Feminizing breast surgery is sometimes known as breast augmentation, chest construction, or breast mammoplasty.

Transgender women and nonbinary people may benefit from top surgery as part of a therapy plan for suffering caused by gender identity that differs from the sex assigned at birth. The surgery can assist transgender women and nonbinary people in physically transition to their self-identified gender.
1-Why it's done
Transgender women and nonbinary people who want top surgery may be uncomfortable since their gender identity differs from the sex assigned at birth.

 While many transgender women and nonbinary persons take hormone therapy to increase breast growth, they may not be satisfied with the results. Some women wear breast implants or padded bras. Others opt for surgery to improve the appearance of their chest. Transgender and nonbinary persons have diverse relationships with their bodies and must make their own decisions.
2-Considerations before going through the surgery
Most surgeons and insurance companies demand one letter of support from a mental health physician knowledgeable in transgender health before performing top surgery. The mental health provider will decide whether you fulfill the World Professional Association of Transgender Health treatment requirements.
The criteria specify that you must:
1. Have long-standing and well-documented gender dysphoria
2. Capable of making an informed decision and consenting to treatment
3. Have achieved the legal age in your nation to make health-care decisions (age of majority or age 18 in the U.S.)
4. Manage any serious physical or mental health issues
Before feminizing breast surgery, your doctor may advise you to start hormone therapy based on your gender aspirations. Unless you have a medical contraindication or are otherwise unable or unable to take hormones, it is recommended that you use hormone treatment for at least 12 months before MTF breast surgery in Los Angeles.

3- How you plan for the surgery
Top surgery for transgender women and nonbinary people is usually postponed until they reach maturity.

You'll consult with plastic or reconstructive breast surgeon before undergoing top surgery. Consult a board-certified surgeon with experience for the MTF breast surgery in Los Angeles. The surgeon will go over your options and potential outcomes with you. The surgeon will also explain the anesthesia, the site of the operation, and any follow-up operations that may be required.
Follow your health care provider's specific advice for preparation for your procedures, such as eating and drinking guidelines, modifying regular medication, and quitting smoking.

To begin MTF breast surgery in Los Angeles, your health care practitioner will assess your health to identify any medical conditions that may interfere with treatment. The following items could be evaluated:

  • Your personal and family medical history’s examination
  • A physical examination
  • Tests to determine your testosterone levels
  • Screenings based on age and gender 

Get expert assistance
The fundamentals of breast augmentation for transgender women and nonbinary people are identical to those used in cisgender women's operations. If feminizing hormones haven't increased the size of your breasts sufficiently, you may require an initial surgery to put tissue expanders in front of your chest muscles.
Do you have more queries on MTF breast surgery in Los Angeles? Feel free to contact Dr. Daniel Barrett. 

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