Why Should You Try Storing Food Items in Mylar Bags?

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Are you planning on getting started with DIY long term food storage? Are you looking for Mylar bags for the same? Using Mylar bags is surely a great decision. However, a lot of people tend to make mistakes while storing food using Mylar bags. So, keep on reading to find out about the top mistakes and to get tips for avoiding such mistakes when you get started with long term food storage.

Choosing the Wrong Bag Sizes

A mistake that a lot of people make is choosing the wrong sizes of Mylar bags. If you choose a bag that is too small then you may end up stuffing it with more food than what it can tolerate. This may affect the seal and may also affect the oxygen and moisture barrier of the bag. So, choosing the bag of the appropriate size is important. If you choose an extremely large bag then there will be a lot of empty space and air and moisture can accumulate in it. Hence, you should plan the amount of food you want to store and should choose the size accordingly.

Improper Bag Sealing

A lot of people make the mistake of not sealing the Mylar bags in store properly. If you want to ensure air tightness, you should seal it using a heat sealer or iron at the right temperature. If you do not seal it properly, oxygen and moisture may enter and cause spoilage. It can also decrease the life of the stored food. Hence, you should check the seal properly to make sure that it is completely secure.

Not Removing Air and Moisture

Many people also do not understand the importance of getting rid of excess air and moisture before sealing Mylar bags. Hence, you should invest in oxygen absorbers and desiccant packs as they can easily remove the oxygen and moisture, and can create the best storage environment for your food items. You can check out the instruction label that comes with your Mylar bag to understand how you can make the most and increase the shelf life of the food items you are storing.

When you avoid such mistakes, you will be able to store food in your Mylar bags in the best way possible.

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