Common Questions About Long Term Food Storage with Wallaby Goods

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Yes, you heard it right—food storage solutions have reached new heights of convenience and reliability with Wallaby. From dehydrating last night’s noodles in Mylar bags to safeguarding grains from pesky pests with food-grade desiccants, Wallaby offers a comprehensive range of top-quality storage solutions tailored to meet your needs.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium food storage goods made from food-grade materials, Wallaby ensures that your food stays fresh and protected for extended periods. Let's address some common questions you may have:

Is it Safe to Store Fresh Food in Packages?

You can certainly store fresh foods in mylar bags, although the bags are truly designed to store foods with less than 10% moisture content for up to 30 years! Our BPA-free and FDA-certified Mylar bags and Mason jars are designed to preserve your favorite foods without compromising their quality.

Are Oxygen Absorbers Food Safe?

Indeed, they are! Utilizing cutting-edge technology, food-grade oxygen absorbers from Wallaby effectively keep dry foods, grains, spices, and powders safe from discoloration and spoilage caused by microbes. Our FDA-approved oxygen absorbers ensure the integrity of your food, maintaining its freshness and flavor.

Can Any Sealer Seal Mylar Bags?

While impulse heat sealers for mylar bags are recommended for optimal results, sealing needs can be met using common household items like hair straighteners or clothing irons. However, for long-term and reliable sealing, Wallaby offers top-quality and certified heat sealers tailored to your requirements and convenience.

Will Using Oxygen Absorbers Shrink Mylar Bags?

No, oxygen absorbers do not cause shrinkage or create a vacuum inside Mylar bags. Instead, their function is to eliminate oxygen, thereby preventing microbial growth and undesirable chemical reactions. Wallaby's reputation in the industry is built on delivering dependable and high-grade products that consistently meet customer expectations.

What Other Products Does Wallaby Offer?

In addition to Mylar bags, Mason jars, heat sealers, desiccants, and oxygen absorbers, Wallaby provides a diverse range of food storage solutions, ensuring that all your storage needs are met with quality and reliability.

Explore our full range of products and place your order today at to experience the future of food storage with Wallaby.

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