Why Micronutrients Matter: A Deep Dive into Nutrition

Why Micronutrients Matter: A Deep Dive into Nutrition
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20 September 2023

The increased expenditure on healthcare is considerably increasing the life expectancy contributing to the ever-increasing population. This serves as the reason for the expanding demand for food and land. This in return is resulting in the contraction of agricultural land around the globe. Additionally, the widespread use of synthetic fertilizers is resulting in unproductive barren lands over time. These are further flowing down to the water bodies thereby depleting them. Thus, farmers worldwide are actively switching to organic methods of farming that promote soil health and boost crop yield. Organic fertilizers not only provide the plants with NPK but also take care of vital micronutrient availability to ensure both healthy soil and plants. Some of the best organic micronutrient fertilizers are now available online.  

Significance of Micronutrients in Plant Growth


Boron is responsible for sugar transport, formation of cell walls, production of amino acids, crop reproduction, flowering, fruiting, and crop quality.


Manganese influences chloroplast production which is essential to photosynthesis. It also activates enzymes and influences germination and crop maturity.


Zinc is a component of many enzymes and is vital to the early growth stages of the plant. It is responsible for the development of roots, seeds, and fruits. It balances the plant hormones and auxin activity while contributing to photosynthesis.


Iron plays an important role in chlorophyll production, thus making it essential for photosynthesis and enzyme composition. It also influences the transfer of energy, nitrogen reduction and fixation, and lignin formation.

Thus, it is evident that micronutrients form the very basis of plant health, and the use of micronutrient fertilizers for plants is equally important as the use of celebrated NPK fertilizers.

Identification of Micronutrient deficiency


The symptoms of boron deficiency depend on the type of crops including stunted growth of young crops, death of growing points, deformation of leaves, yellow chlorosis on leaves, and poor flowering.


Manganese deficiency is identified by chlorosis or yellowing between the veins of young leaves.


Similar to boron zinc deficiency is also manifested differently depending on the crop type in stunted growth, reduced length of internodes, smaller young leaves, and yellowing of the lower leaves.


Iron deficiency causes yellowing between the veins on the younger leaves.

It is safe to say that micronutrients are underestimated which can potentially cost crop yield and quality. Also, it is important to note that good farm management does not limit to addressing the initial evidence and symptoms but rather stretches from the beginning to the end, throughout the crop’s life cycle.

Brands of Organic micronutrients

Some of the best micronutrient fertilizer products in India are CLASSIC, Katra NANO, and Atal, and are available online to save you time and energy.

Buy Micronutrients Online

Why wait? Build up your micronutrient supply to have greener and healthier fields. Shop for the best natural fertilizer for flowering plants with a user-friendly and affordable platform provided by kisan4u.

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