Small Nutrients, Mighty Results: How Micronutrients Boost Plant Growth

Small Nutrients, Mighty Results: How Micronutrients Boost Plant Growth
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Fertilizers are known to provide the essential nutrients to the plants. However, they are often used without proper research, which affects their efficiency. At times they can also spoil the crop yield. This is explained in the NPK contents of the fertilizers. Thus, proper research about the soil and the ingredients of the research is necessary to ensure growth. Many fertilizers also provide the soil with the micronutrients needed to maintain both soil and plant health. Thus, the ideal way to fertilize is to also use micronutrient fertilizers for plants in addition to the traditional NPK fertilizers.

Forms of Micronutrient Fertilizers

Sulfate (salts)

Micronutrients such as copper, zinc, iron, and manganese are often added to plants in the form of sulfate molecules. They are most commonly used for field crops. This form can be applied to soil or foliage. They provide long-term residual value.


It is an oxide of a micronutrient that has been partially reacted with sulphuric acid. The amount of sulfate varies by product. The water solubility of oxysulphates can vary greatly.  They have a residual value that is similar to sulfates.


In this form, the micronutrients are bonded with oxygen. An oxide of a micronutrient needs to be converted to a plant-available form in the soil before being taken up by the plant. Thus, they can be categorized as slow-release fertilizers. They are less commonly used, and the usage of this form is not suggested during the growing season.


These are ring-type compounds of micronutrients and remain in plant-available form longer because the chelated structure slows the micronutrient reaction with soil minerals.  They can be applied to the soil or foliage. They have a low recommended rate of application and a limited residual value.

Other Forms

Micronutrients are also available in the form of carbonates and nitrates. Also, repeated application of manure is known to increase the content of copper and zinc in the soil.

Additionally, most of these forms are also available in organic fertilizers. So, considering the multifold benefits of organic fertilizers for the soil, crop, environment, and pockets they are always recommended over synthetic fertilizers. Further, the availability of organic fertilizer online shopping makes them the new go-to of the agriculture industry.

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