Why Is Home Care Dentistry In San Francisco So Important

Geriatric dentistry is the area of dentistry dedicated to providing dental care to the elderly. Dental issues linked to age-related illnesses need to be diagnosed, managed, prevented, and treated for the entire senior population.

It is believed that one's oral health reflects one's general health. It has long been believed that elderly adults who have poor tooth health are more susceptible to general health issues. However, treating senior dental patients might be challenging because to their poor cognitive abilities, limited physical dexterity, and underlying medical issues. More than half of all dental patients over 60 are either on medication or have a medical condition, according to specific dental research. In addition to being more susceptible to age-related dental disorders, older people are also more sensitive to dental drugs like analgesics and local anesthetics.

Therefore, it is critical for Geriatric Dentists in San Francisco to create treatment plans that are suited to the unique requirements of senior citizens and to take a proactive approach to the oral health of those who need long-term care facilities due to dental problems. Some of the clinics also provide a Home Care Dentistry system in San Francisco for the elderly people.

Issues with oral health in the elderly

Age is not the only factor that matters when assessing oral health. Sometimes it can be difficult to brush and floss your teeth due to certain physical problems. Additionally, drugs may affect your oral health and require changes to your dental treatment. Indeed, as they age, seniors are vulnerable to a number of oral health problems. These are a few typical issues with geriatric dental health:

Changes to the oral mucosa

The oral mucosa performs vital defensive functions that are very influential to the general health and welfare of the patient. As people age, changes in oral mucosal immunity will undoubtedly occur. If the oral mucosa's protective barrier function declines, older adults are more likely to be exposed to a range of illnesses and substances that enter the oral cavity during routine activities. The oral mucosa thins, smoothes, and loses elasticity as people age, taking on an edematous, satin-like look. Moreover, tissue regeneration and wound healing also slow down.

Issues with dentures

One of the most prevalent clinical conditions among elderly persons wearing dentures is denture stomatitis. Inadequate denture fitting, inadequate denture care, sleeping with dentures, and xerostomia can all lead to denture stomatitis. Denture stomatitis can also result from drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco. Denture-induced mucosal hyperplasia and traumatic ulcers are common lesions associated with denture usage.

Teeth that are darker

The years-long ingestion of foods and drinks that cause stains, as well as alterations in dentin—the bone-like material beneath the tooth enamel—are to blame. With aging comes a weakening of the outer layer of enamel, which makes way for the deeper, yellower dentin to show through.

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