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Life expectancy these days has increased, which has led to an explosion of aging population and this is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. As we are more aging population, the same has fueled a rising demand for geriatric dentistry performed by specialized dentists who are experienced to work with elderly population. So, who are these professionals and are they any different from general dentists? Let us find out.

Geriatric Dentistry

Geriatric dentistry is a dental field dealing with the oral problems of older patients. Many of these people require proper diagnosis, management, prevention, and treatment of dental problems associated with age-related diseases. According to research, half of the dental patients are 60 years and above, and they are medically compromised in some way. The older patients also experience sensitivity to medication used in dentistry that includes local anesthetics and analgesics, and they are also likely to develop certain dental conditions related to aging such coronal caries and root canal, dry mouth and periodontitis.

Why geriatric dentistry in San Francisco is important?

Many elderly people need specialized care from dentists who have extensive training and experience working with these patients. They include:

Interaction with drugs: We know that older patients are more likely to take several over-the-counter and prescription medications that can make more vulnerable to side-effects of various medications. They need dental experts who specialize in geriatric dentistry and understand this and take special precautions to protect the safety and well-being of older patients.

Compassion and understanding: According to American Dental Association, it is quite common for seniors to have sensory, cognitive, and physical impairments that further complicate dental treatment and communication. As elders are so familiar with the issues going on with them and so they need geriatric-focused dental care is needed for them to minimize distractions and noises. Many geriatric dentists also offer televisions and radio programming to give older patients so that they can focus more on their dental health.

Above all, geriatric dentists have patience and consideration when dealing with these patients. Many elderly people suffer from physical impairments and dementia and it is not always possible to complete an exam or treatment. Experienced dentists understand that even keeping the greatest patience and preparation is not always enough. They are always prepared to stop and prevent treatment at any point in life. The pick-up things later to create fuss. All these things have to be managed and only an experienced dental expert can ensure that the tantrums are not coming in way of the required dental care.

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