Why Choose MEAN Stack Development Services for Your Next Web Development Project

Why Choose MEAN Stack Development Services for Your Next Web Development Project
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As the Internet is introduced daily with tons of software which are similar in nature, it is necessary to set higher, unique values for your software solution in order to stand out from the competition in the market. Besides implementing specific features and hosting applications in the cloud platform, choosing the right technology stack is also crucial.

To meet all your web app development needs, and quickly build your app with engaging features, MEAN Stack development services is highly recommended by tech experts. And they have numerous reasons to make their point clear as well. Also, it is important to hire the best MEAN Stack Development Company or hire dedicated MEAN Stack developers to get best results.

In this blog, we will reveal amazing facts about MEAN stack that will amaze you and make you choose it for your next web app development project.

What Exactly is MEAN Stack?

Why Choose MEAN Stack Development Services for Your Next Web Development Project

MEAN Stack stands for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js. It is an open source layer of JavaScript-based frameworks, a runtime compiler, a server and a database. As a collection of powerful JavaScript-based front-end and back-end tools and technologies, it can help you build and maintain complex, dynamic websites and mobile app development projects.

If we look at the Stack Overflow survey, 65.36% of web developers worldwide use JavaScript and its frameworks to develop their core web applications. Apart from development, you can even seamlessly write all-inclusive app test cases by efficiently using MochaJS, JasmineJS, and KarmaJS, like supportable testing frameworks. MEAN Stack allows you to take full advantage of its explicit features to effectively manage your software application.

In spite of several variants in the market, including MERN (replacing Angular.js with React.js) and MEVN (replacing React.js with Vue.js), MEAN is the best and most proficient JavaScript-based technology stack widely used for web application development.

Advantages of MEAN Stack for Modern Web App Development

Why Choose MEAN Stack Development Services for Your Next Web Development Project

There are several reasons that make MEAN stack better than other web development stacks, here’s why:


One of the most important reasons why MEAN stack tops the list of clients and developers is its budget friendliness. Customers do not have to search for different developers as this framework is a complete stack itself. Many developers are interested in learning it and making a career in it, and many companies are interested in using it to develop high-performance web applications.

It allows you to work in an efficient team, where all JavaScript developers are assigned to a project that they work on in a coordinated manner. Developers can share codes with each other to take advantage of reusability within the stack

JavaScript Prominence

One of the key advantages of MEAN stack is that it is a complete JavaScript framework that benefits both the client and server side. With the MEAN stack, developers can seamlessly deploy web applications on a server, avoiding deployment on a standalone server.

It also supports both Windows and Linux OS. Due to the presence of JavaScript, it provides an optimal user experience and also helps in managing the data appropriately. JavaScript which also helps in data recovery gets a boost when MEAN is used.

Flexible and Efficient

MEAN Stack is a flexible and efficient JavaScript framework known for effectively handling projects of all sizes and businesses. Furthermore, access to client-side and server-side application code with fully JavaScript-based code removes all the hurdles in developing a web application with MEAN.

Even sharing data and other information is easy, you just need to add a field and follow the rest of the process. And if you are supported by an experienced MEAN Stack development company like Shiv Technolabs, the task of working on different projects becomes much easier.


All the four frameworks that make up the MEAN stack are all free, open source and highly scalable. Additionally, the inclusion of a number of additional libraries and reusable modules speed up the development process saving a lot of time.


To sum it up, MEAN stack development services is the best choice for your next web development project owing to its dynamic features. We can undoubtedly say that it fulfils the dynamic demands of today's digital landscape.

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