Why Choose Krystal Hosting? The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Host

Why Choose Krystal Hosting? The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Host
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Krystal Hosting is a web hosting platform in the United Kingdom. It gives its clients a broader range of services including world-class tools and solutions, web hosting and cPanel hosting, to businesses organizations. It was released in 2002 and highly developed to become one of the best web hosting platforms currently available in the UK.

Who is the CEO of Krystal hosting?

Simon Blackler is the CEO and founder of Krystal Hosting in the United Kingdom. This hosting was generated in 2002. Its mission is to provide reliable, honest, personal, and faceless web hosting. It is the platform for long-lasting positive changes in the UK.

Where is Krystal Hosting's headquarters?

The headquarters of Krystal Hosting is found in London, England, United Kingdom.

Importance of choosing the Krystal Hosting

Krystal Hosting is a reliable and inexpensive hosting provide in the UK. Due to its extraordinary performance, stability, customer support, reasonable and sustainable packages become the most popular UK hosting provider company. If you are looking for the best web hosting provider at a reasonable price, then Krystal Hosting is the best place in the United Kingdom. They also offer the following facilities:

  • 24/7 UK-based support
  • daily backup
  • unlimited sites
  • fast performance
  • best speed & experience
  • shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • free domain
  • 30-day free trial
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Best for e-commerce platform
  • free SSL certificates
  • and email option also available

Krystal Hosting UK TLD

Krystal Hosting is a best hosting provider platform. Krystal offer the following TLD in the United Kingdom.

  • . Uk
  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .io

Plans and Pricing of Krystal hosting

Krystal provide a budget friendly and affordable hosting in the United Kingdom. If you have a low budget, then the crystal is a best platform that offer some budget friendly plans at affordable prices. Krystal offer the following five plans with prices.

Amethyst plan:

The amethyst plan is best for hobbies, blogs or promising businesses. This plan offers the following features:

  • One website
  • 10 GB SSD disk space
  • Daily free backups
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Yearly bonus (2 months free)


The price of this plan is £ 4.99 for one month.

Ruby plan:

This plan offers fast storage for large sites and accelerate your businesses. The features of this plan are given below:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SSD disk space
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 50 entry processes
  • Free setup
  • 2-month free yearly bonus
  • 100% UK based


 The price of this plan is £9.99 for one month.

Sapphire plan:

This plan is best for complex business website, and for e-commerce platform.

  • Every 4-hour free backup
  • 3GB ram
  • 100 entry processes
  • 5000 hourly email sending limit


The price of this plan is £34.99 for one month.

Diamond plan:

This plan is suitable for high performing site because power and storage in this plan is increased.

  • 200 GB disk space
  • 4GB ram
  • 150 entry processes
  • IP dress blocking service


The price of this plan is £69.99 for one month.

Tanzanite plan:

This plan will handle all your need with guarantee.

This plan offers:

  • Unlimited NVMe SSD
  • 8GB Ram
  • And many more features


The price of this plan is £99.99 for one month.

Payment methods and plans:

Krystal offers the following payment methods.

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • VISA
  • And master card

Payment Plan

The hosting plan can be purchased in three different plans.

  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • triennially

Krystal WordPress hosting

Krystal also provide the WordPress hosting in the United Kingdom. They offer a different plan from shared hosting to manage WordPress hosting and provides the following WordPress services.

  • WordPress experts from the UK provide expert management.
  • Plans that can grow or shrink with your business
  • 10x faster SSD disks for blazing performance
  • Developed in the UK by WordPress experts, Krystal, your system is unique.
  • Created from scratch leveraging over two decades of hosting expertise
  • Premier WordPress hosting with superior administration.

Price of WordPress Krystal Hosting

Krystal charged £15 per month for WordPress hosting.

How does Krystal Hosting differ from other hosting providers?

We are often called the best in the business because of our unique focus on value, quality, and honesty. We do things a little differently at Krystal, whether it is the speed of our platform, the cutting-edge features we give away for free, or our award-winning in-house customer service team. In fact, we've been doing things our own way for more than 20 years. Join the nearly 34,000 happy customers and find out for yourself what the difference in Krystal.

How to Find Best Deal for Krystal Web Hosting?

To find the best deal for Krystal web hosting, you can take the following steps:

  • Research: Look up Krystal web hosting plans, features, and prices to understand what they offer. Read customer reviews and compare their services with other web hosting providers.
  • Look for discounts: Check for any promotions or discounts on their website, or search for coupons on third-party websites. CutPriceRetail is one of the best website to find these types of deal. You can find all type of deal regarding any type of product on this website. This website is popular on the internet. I personally using this website from a long time. When I have to find any discount code I just visit their website a I find my favorite deal there. So if you need any discount about the krystal web hosting you can visit their page by clicking here. Hope you will find some of the best codes that will save your money and time too.
  • Negotiate: Contact Krystal's sales team and see if they are willing to offer a better deal. Explain your budget and the features you need.
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