Why Choose Fixed Wireless Internet Over A Satellite Connection

Why Choose Fixed Wireless Internet Over A Satellite Connection
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08 August 2023

Sending data "up and down" the Internet asks for the fastest upload and download speeds. This is a critical component in today's businesses where time is precious. Why upload speeds have an equal importance to download speeds? Following research findings can throw a different light on the importance of both:

  • According to research done by internet giant Google, a delay of just 250 milliseconds in page load times can cause a 20% drop in traffic.
  • According to a report published by Akamai Technologies, slow website load times can cause 7% loss in conversions.
  • Pew Research Center research reported that slow net connections, will limit access to education and job opportunities.

Fast upload speeds benefit businesses in different ways, although specific industries need them more than some others. You can be one of the companies that depend on fast upload speeds. Are you enjoying the super-fast Internet connections and upload speeds needed to keep up with modern-day business opportunities?

Why Dedicated Fixed Wireless Internet Better Than Satellite Connections

Dedicated fixed wireless internet offers various advantages with regards to best upload speeds and overall performance:

Optimized For High-speed Uploads and Low Latency 

Dedicated fixed wireless internet companies adopt a more focused approach to delivering their service. They are masters in providing the fastest possible upload speeds and communications to companies and organizations. Moreover, they have created an infrastructure tailored to the specific requirements of their customers. Simply put their networks are optimized for high-speed uploads and low latency. That results in faster and more dependable performance for customers. 

Compare it to a satellite service that focuses only on individual consumers in rural areas, who do not have access to traditional wired broadband should be avoided. Although the download speeds are fast, but upload speeds tend to vary significantly depending on factors such as network congestion and weather conditions. So, businesses and content creators that depend on fast uploads can experience inconsistent performance and suffer low ROI (return on investment).

Depend On Localized Network Infrastructure

Dedicated Fixed Wireless Internet depends on localized network infrastructure. So, decreased network congestion and prioritized traffic for business-critical applications including video conferencing and cloud-based collaboration tools. This results in faster upload speeds and better performance for businesses that depend on these applications.

Network infrastructures of satellite net providers are dependent on satellite constellations, that have much larger area to cover and are exposed to more external factors that create performance issues. Users often experience high network congestion, slower upload speeds, and increased latency, which results in negative effects on business operations.

Fixed Wireless Offer Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated Wireless Internet delivers dedicated bandwidth, which means your organization has access to the same high upload and download speeds. This is especially significant for enterprises that require to transfer large files in real-time, since it removes all the bottlenecks or slowdowns in the upload process.


Businesses nowadays depend on fast upload speeds that can only be provided by a fixed wireless internet provider. With faster upload speeds comes improved performance and higher ROI for your business.

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