How to Maximize Your Internet Speed with Viasat Internet Plans

How to Maximize Your Internet Speed with Viasat Internet Plans
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28 August 2023

If you are searching for satellite internet, it's improbable that you'll come across a superior option compared to Viasat. For a considerable duration, Viasat Satellite Internet has been the premier choice for internet provision among individuals who lack the availability of leading cable and fiber internet services, specifically those residing in rural America.

While Viasat stands as the top satellite internet provider, there might be instances where you encounter speeds that fall short of your expectations. Feedback indicates that certain individuals have raised concerns about their Viasat internet speeds. What could be the reasons behind this, and what steps can you take to enhance your Viasat internet speeds if you're experiencing slower-than-desired connectivity? Find the answers provided below.

First, Why is My Connection Slow?

Several possible explanations exist. Despite generally offering dependable service, Viasat Internet might be influenced by various factors that lead to distinct outcomes. For instance, a Viasat internet outage could occur in your vicinity, although this is infrequent. Extremely severe storms, whether in your area or at the Viasat ground station, have the potential to obstruct parts or the entirety of the internet signal. Regardless of the cause of the outage, Viasat is known for its prompt responsiveness in resolving the issue and restoring your internet to full operational speed.

A more common cause of slow internet speeds is surpassing your monthly data limit. Your internet data will be given lower priority compared to those who haven't exceeded their limits. As a result, you may encounter slower speeds while using your Viasat satellite internet during periods of high network congestion.

Even if you haven't gone beyond your Viasat Internet plan data limit and are unsure about the cause of your slow speeds, you can still consider trying out some of the suggestions provided below.

How do I Fix My Slow Viasat Internet Connection?

If your internet connection is experiencing significant speed problems, there are several steps you can attempt:

1. Add More Data

Given that exceeding your data cap is the prevalent cause of internet slowdowns, particularly towards the end of your billing cycle, the initial step should involve assessing your current data consumption. To determine the amount of Viasat Internet plans you've utilized, you can log in to your Viasat account. If the data usage indicates that you've surpassed your monthly allocation, this accounts for the sluggish connection.

The positive aspect is that you have the option to acquire additional data to maintain a robust internet performance. Acquiring one gigabyte of data will typically cost around $10. This supplementary data can be added either through phone communication or online channels.

2. Fix Your Satellite Dish

At the heart of your Viasat satellite internet connection lies your satellite dish, responsible for transmitting and receiving all data between itself and the Viasat satellite. If it becomes damaged or misaligned, your internet connection can suffer.

3. Reset Your Viasat Satellite Internet

You're probably familiar with the old advice for fixing technology: "Turn it off, then turn it back on again." This principle applies to satellite internet too.

To ensure that you effectively address the issue, we recommend disconnecting all devices. Begin by unplugging your computer, followed by your router and modem—both from their power sources and any wired connections. Allow a couple of minutes for everything to reset internally. When you're ready, reconnect your modem and wait for the LED light to become a solid blue. Afterward, you can also plug in your router and computer. With any luck, this should resolve the problem you were experiencing.

4. Move Your Router

It's possible that the issue might not actually be with your Viasat internet service, but rather the placement of your router. Wi-Fi signals have a limited range, and they become weaker the farther they have to travel. So, if you're attempting to use the internet in an area that's on the outskirts of where the Wi-Fi signal can reach, you'll likely end up with a weak connection.

Fortunately, there's a straightforward solution to this problem. If you relocate your Wi-Fi router to a more central spot within your home, you should experience better coverage. It's best to avoid placing the router in the basement or on the second floor, as signals might struggle to reach both above and below. Another option is using Wi-Fi extenders, which amplify the signal and significantly expand its coverage to all corners of your home.

Of course, you might already have your router in an optimal location. In that case, consider connecting your device directly to the router using an Ethernet cable. This offers a stronger and more stable Viasat Internet connection compared to Wi-Fi, potentially resulting in faster internet speeds.

5. Make Sure You Don’t Have Extra Devices Connected

Another potential scenario is that there might be additional devices linked to your router, consuming its available bandwidth. This issue can be readily resolved by disconnecting devices that are not currently in use or by halting any ongoing internet activities on those devices.

How Can I Make My Viasat Internet Faster?

How to Maximize Your Internet Speed with Viasat Internet Plans

Even if your Viasat satellite internet isn't undergoing throttling, you might still be interested in enhancing its performance. After all, a few extra Mbps wouldn't hurt, would it? So, what steps can you take to achieve that?

To begin, ensure that your satellite dish maintains an unobstructed view of the sky. Although technicians position the dish for optimal satellite connectivity during installation, buildings or tree branches can sometimes interfere with and disrupt your connection. If this situation arises, contact customer service and request a technician to relocate the dish.

Upgrading your equipment is also an option. While a high-quality Wi-Fi router won't surpass the speeds your satellite dish can deliver, it can come closer than a subpar one. Alternatively, consider bypassing Wi-Fi altogether when possible. Connecting your device directly to the router using an Ethernet cable yields better speeds than relying on wireless transmission.

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