What You Need to Know About Lenovo Laptops

What You Need to Know About Lenovo Laptops
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Lenovo Laptops have both world-class solutions and definite "pains" that bring the brand down.

Lenovo laptop Price in Pakistan is still stable and Lenovo is the best business laptop, but the high-end Yoga laptop is the best in the 2-in-1 segment. 2015 saw the release of some interesting budget systems. A Lenovo LaVie Z. is a failure. Its advantages include a light weight of around 900 grams, but the terrible keyboard ruins it all.

I want to improve phone support and reduce waiting time. Good tips are advanced features like WRITEit, ShareIt, and REACHit.

Lenovo Laptop Design

If you want to buy an ultralight or flexible laptop, it should be Lenovo. The brand that popularized the Multi Yoga laptop. Lenovo now has Yoga laptops for everything from the business-friendly ThinkPad Yoga 260 to the high-end Yoga 900. Lenovo has refreshed its Flex lineup, blurring the line between budget and premium.

I wouldn't recommend the LaVie Z 360 and LaVie Z because of their poor battery life and cumbersome keyboards, but they also had advantages such as a record-sized slim and light stand. When it comes to featherweight laptops, Lenovo offers the G50-45, one of the most compact laptops on the market, and the X1 Carbon, one of the lightest business laptops. The budget 100S and IdeaPad 100 can be used for jobs where material quality and workmanship are modest.

User Comment

The biggest change in the 2016 laptop rankings is Lenovo's fall from last year's No. 3 to No. 7. The ThinkPad Yoga 15 earned the highest possible rating of 4.5 stars, and Lenovo's entire ThinkPad line significantly outperformed the IdeaPad line of laptops. Despite the super-light LaVie Z and LaVie 360, Lenovo's partnership with NEC was a dark spot that led to the series' undervaluation.

Lenovo Laptop Technical Support

The company has a Pakistan-focused website and can also support social media (Facebook and Twitter). By the way, apart from the driver, you can also download the installation instructions from the official website. But if you want to communicate more over the phone, you have the option.


The type of warranty service depends on the Lenovo laptop you purchased. Current models come with a 1-year warranty and customers are responsible for shipping costs for warranty service. Business laptops and high-end models come with longer warranties that allow you to pay for shipping, and some more expensive business models may come with extended warranties of up to three years. The company will allow you to update your laptop and in some cases send you parts so you can fix the problem yourself.


Useful programs for Lenovo laptops include ShareIt and REACHit, file transfer applications that are considered one of the most useful applications installed by manufacturers. The company is also famous for the OneKey recovery tool. Lenovo's Solution Center is also helpful. It is useful not only for performance analysis but also for laptop hardware and security analysis. And while everything looks great, some models, like the ThinkPad X1 Carbon and LaviZ, are loaded with unnecessary programs.


Lenovo pioneered the 360-degree laptop, and today the method is found in both the company's more expensive models and cheaper laptops. The practical implementation of WRITEit was also interesting. This is a program that allows you to write by hand in any text field. With the Cortana assistant in Windows 10, REACHit helps you manage all your files in the cloud.

In 2015, the company launched the record-breaking LaVie Z thin and light laptop. It was technically very interesting, but it could have been a much more successful product than it was. In 2016, the company will be the first to offer a laptop with an OLED display.

Price and Selection

Lenovo offers products in all market segments. It can be checked by clicking the link https://www.asifcomputers.com/ The IdeaPad 100S is one of the best laptops in the budget segment, while the Yoga 900 is the best high-end 2-in-1. Lenovo's popular business notebooks range from the ThinkPad E-business and multimedia series to the ThinkPad T series, X1 Carbon, and P70 ultrathin graphics notebooks. No gaming laptop is as powerful as the company's top gaming makers Alienware, ROG, or MSI, but the Lenovo Y700 is a great gaming laptop that offers great performance at an affordable price.

The company offers very interesting solutions, such as the IdeaPad 500 and IdeaPad 300 models. Both laptops have 1080p displays and cost around $500.

What Lenovo needs to fix.

Lenovo should not release a product until it is ready for release. So you can avoid test failures like LaVie. Additionally, businesses need to raise the bar on their infrastructure and budgets. Extending the warranty can also be beneficial for a cheaper and lower-cost solution.

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