What To Pack In The Lunch Box Of Your Child With Braces?

What To Pack In The Lunch Box Of Your Child With Braces?
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No wonder why back to school is a tough time for parents of those children who recently started wearing braces during their summer break. You had recently made your child comfortable eating soft food at home and since the school is beginning now, you would be surely worried about what to pack in the lunch box.

With the food in the lunch box, you want to make sure that your child is eating all the nutritious food and yet the food is not hard on the braces. Since you are worried about what to pack in the lunch box, we are here with some options that will shed the burden coming with packing a school lunch box for your child with braces.

Read the following and find helpful tips on braces-friendly lunches that will keep your child satisfied and energized throughout the day.

Before we tell you the foods that you can pack in the lunch box, we want to tell you about the foods that you must avoid. Anything that is hard and crunchy or chewy should not be a part of the lunch box. Some of the examples are nuts, carrots, apples, corn on the cob, beef jerky, hard pretzels, meat on the bone, bagels, hard candy, popcorns, gum, sports drinks that are high in sugar, and any other hard food that can harm the braces.

While some of these many sounds crazy, such as apples and carrots are healthy for the oral health of your child. But with braces, he cannot consume it raw. You can either boil them or cut them into fine pieces so that your child can eat the food very well. All you need to keep in mind that some healthy foods are hard to bite in and so, you need to find ways to soften them.

Some good food options to include in the lunch box of your child with braces are chicken, tuna, egg salad, applesauce, yogurt, pudding, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, pudding, sliced lunch meat – ham, turkey, etc. avocados, quinoa, sliced bananas, canned peaches with cottage cheese, and so on.

Even if your child loves to eat hot food in the lunch, there are many braces-friendly options for them as well. It is time that you go and meet your orthodontist to find out all the food options open for your child with braces in New Castle.

Your orthodontist in New Castle is on his toes to help your child have a straight smile and help him live a life with a confident smile always. When an orthodontic treatment is complete, your child’s jawline will improve and he will not have any severe bite problems in the future.

For more information about orthodontics and treatments of braces in New Castle, you can reach out to us.

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