How to Choose the Right Braces for Your Child

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26 September 2023

Braces treat orthodontic problems such as teeth crowding, crooked teeth spacing issues, and teeth bites. If proper treatment for these issues is neglected, they can become severe oral problems. Over time, they can also lead to tooth loss. If your child is experiencing an orthodontic issue or does not feel good about their crooked teeth, it is necessary to give them the needed treatment. So, choosing the right braces for kids is essential to correct the problem at an early stage.

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1.  Find the Problem That Needs to Be Treated

            Determine the reason behind the braces for your child. Different kinds of braces are designed to treat specific issues. If your kid is experiencing problems such as crooked or crowded teeth, metal braces will be an ideal solution. But clear aligners will become more suitable if your child has small gaps or multiple teeth are out of place. It is essential to consult a dentist for this purpose to determine the right kind of braces for your child.


2.  Know the Time That the Treatment Will Take

You must be clear about the length of time you want your child to take the treatment. The exact time period for which your kid needs to wear braces depends on many factors. These include the child's age, severity of the dental issue, patient compliance, and the kind of braces chosen. Usually, the treatment can last from 12 months to 3 years. You must also explain to your kind the exact time period for which they will need to wear the braces. At the same time, it is also important to know how frequently you will need to take your child to an orthodontist's clinic for a follow-up.


3.  Determine the Level of Care That the Braces Need

Different kinds of braces require different levels of maintenance and care. Only by taking care of them correctly can your child get their maximum benefits. Ceramic and metal braces need regular brushing and flossing. It helps in preventing staining and loosening of the brace. Moreover, you will also need to tell your kid about the food options they have after braces. Crunchy and hard foods can cause damage to the braces. Your child's food options will likely reduce, so tell them about it beforehand. Give them knowledge of braces-friendly food they should opt for.

Invisalign braces, on the other hand, do not need your child to avoid any food items because they can be removed before eating.


At the end of the day, you want to ensure that you get the right treatment for your child according to their dental needs. Consulting with your dentist about whether your kid needs braces and the kind of braces they require is critical to prevent any tooth issue from escalating. Perla Dental provides a variety of braces options, such as metal braces, clear aligners, and corrective orthodontic appliances that can be used in conjunction or separately from traditional braces or clear aligners. With affordable treatment options and same-day appointments, the dental team is committed to serving you the highest quality results.



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