What Should Be The Maximum Distance From A Toilet To The Septic Tank?

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For the homes that are detached from the municipal sewer services, the homeowners need to install a septic tank to process the water from their property. The installation of the septic tank should happen according to the rules and recommendations to ensure personal and public safety.

But what do these rules say about the sewer tank installation process? What should be the maximum distance of the sewer tank from your toilet? While the plumbers companies in Lethbridge would know it well, we would also like to throw some light on it here.

We have observed a lot of septic tanks in the region and even if we go by the rules, we can say that there is no blanket exists to give us any maximum or minimum distance between a toilet and a septic tank. Nevertheless, some very basic requirements we must adhere to.

We will talk about these requirements here that will give you a unique and maximum distance to work with.

The Standard Recommendation

As per the general guidelines, septic tank guidelines require a minimum of five to ten feet between a tank and a toilet, and we should also keep a minimum of six feet between the tank and the drain field. If you have built the toilet in your home, you should at least ensure 50 feet of distance between the drain field and your home.

The drain field must be at least 50 feet away from any well or water resources to prevent contamination.

How do you calculate the maximum distance between your toilet and septic tank?

While there are no standard ways to do it, but still the best way to measure the distance between your toilet and the septic tank is to draw an outline using the minimum recommendations first. Before laying any plumbing lines, you must first consult with your plumbers to know about all stipulations in the plumbing codes, such as local municipal requirements, the neighborhood requirements, and so on.

Once the initial calculations are done, you can clearly see where you can or cannot install your septic tank. In case you have the wiggle room, you can install your septic tank using three or four times the stipulated distance suggestions. Nevertheless, you must ensure the system is technically feasible to support proper waste flow. Septic systems depend a great deal on gravity to move along. Ideally, the line from your toilet to the septic tank and towards the drain field should meet a minimum slope.

For more information about septic tank plumbing in Lethbridge, you can reach out to us. We have plumbers in your area in Lethbridge, they shall help you with all the plumbing installations.

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