Which Type Of Septic Tank Is Best?

Which Type Of Septic Tank Is Best?
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The Septic tank is the house’s most vital component, usually located underground, used for collecting and treating sewage by bacterial decomposition. Choosing a good septic tank is essential for a better septic system, and its construction material is equivalently vital. Also, to increase the septic tank’s longevity, consider calling professionals twice a year for septic pumping in Auburn. While selecting a reliable septic tank, you must understand the various type of septic tank material, their benefits, and their downsides, which we have outlined below.

Type of septic tank materials

Septic tanks are categorized into the following types, depending on the materials used for manufacturing:

  1. Concrete Septic Tank:

Concrete septic tanks are enormous structures, often pre-casted for easy installation, possessing a gravity of about 2.40, making them sturdy enough to endure buoyant pressures when put in the ground. Their strength grows significantly over time as well. Depending on their structural configuration, concrete septic tanks are available in two types — single structure tanks and all-in-one systems. Each chamber in a single structure tank is pre-cast individually, but with an all-in-one system, all such chambers are given in a single huge tank. Pros and cons of this tank comprise:


  • Since concrete septic tanks are heavy, they won't float if the water table is near the tank level.

  • They have the longest lifespan and may even last for decades.

  • They are sufficiently sturdy and can't be destroyed readily by big machinery.


  • Highly expensive than other materials.

  • Difficult to repair if damaged.

  • Transporting and installing pre-cast concrete septic tanks involves extensive machinery, making installation more difficult.

  • Using a low-quality concrete mix causes fissures through which sewage might leak.

  1. Steel Septic Tank:

These steel-built septic tanks are the least popular among people owing to their high cost and short lifespan. Moreover, they decay fast than other tank materials, making the steel tank's prime concern. If the steel septic tank's top section becomes rusted, it will be unable to support any weights placed on top of it and may fall unexpectedly at any time. Therefore, while checking steel septic tanks, you must be vigilant.


  • Steel septic tanks won't float when they are close to the water table since they are hefty.

  • They are highly resistant to buoyant forces.


  • Compared to other septic tank materials, steel corrodes rapidly, reducing the lifespan of steel tanks.

  • Expensive and short lifespan.

  • Corroded steel septic tanks are difficult to remove from the ground, putting them at risk.

  1. Plastic septic tank:

Since plastic septic tanks are composed of polyethylene plastic, they are also known as poly septic tanks. Due to their being lower in weight and rustproof, they are suitable alternatives to concrete and steel septic tanks. The reduced weight makes plastic septic tanks easier to carry and install. However, before installing a plastic septic tank, examine the water table of that specific area since these tanks have a gravity of 0.97, which is lesser than water gravity, making the tank float if the water table is near to it.


  • These are less expensive than other septic tank materials.

  • They are simple to use and install and are chemically resistant.

  • These tanks are rustproof and have excellent crack resistance.


  • They may float owing to their weight if the water table is close to the tank.

  • The plastic septic tank is vulnerable to damage under extreme circumstances.

  • Heavy weights shouldn't be placed or moved over the plastic septic tank since they will distort and change its shape, perhaps leading to the tank exploding due to excessive pressure.

The above-cited are a few septic tank material’s pros and cons, helping in determining which septic tank installation will be best suitable for your house. Call the professionals for a house inspection to help you make an informed decision before buying the new septic tank.

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