What is The Need of Meter Box Security?

What is The Need of Meter Box Security?
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Many homes and businesses believe that locking their meter boxes makes them feel safer. After a report on the mobile locksmiths on locking meter boxes, including why people might wish to do so and what our customers might do to safeguard their meter boxes.

Why is a meter box locked?

There are several justifications for locking a meter box. Residential clients that want their privacy protected. Others are concerned about property damage, especially the business locksmith clients in busy different regions. If the electricity is cut off for an extended period of time, refrigerated food may expire and the expense of repairing the property damage may be high. 

In order to determine whether a building is occupied, burglars have been known to destroy the meter box. If they cut the electricity and no one emerges, they know the building is unoccupied and primed for robbery.

So, locking meter boxes might be a smart idea.

The issue with locking meter boxes is that the reader will estimate your energy consumption if they can't get to the meter. Estimates are frequently based on historical consumption patterns and industry norms. Thus, you can wind yourself paying for more energy than you actually consume.

Many energy providers will give you a general idea of the time your meter will be read in advance to ensure they have clear access to it. Residents can then clear the route to the meter box and take down any padlocks they may be using in advance.

Energy providers often are unable to provide you with a precise visitation schedule for their meter readers. Additionally, it can be time-consuming to remember to lock and open your meter box every few months. Fortunately, there are other options.

Industrial Power Padlocks for Meterbox Security

No padlock should be used to secure your meter box. Instead, discussing padlocks with the expert can help. Power padlocks are unlocked by energy corporations using master keys. This implies that when they are scheduled to read your meter, authorised meter readers have access to unlock your meter box. 

However, they are unable to open unauthorised or non-Power Industry padlocks, so they will have to make an educated guess as to how much energy you use. To make locking your meter box less complicated, certain companies with Meterbox Security offer padlocks in your region.

High Security locks

The high security locks are employed by top energy companies. These padlocks from experts are mostly used on residential and commercial premises. The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) has approved these brass padlocks for "intruder resistant zones" and they are intended for high security applications. 

They can endure the elements that meter box locks are exposed to since they are brass. To put it another way, they are less likely to rust or corrode.

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