The Importance Of Meter Box Security

The Importance Of Meter Box Security
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02 December 2022
What will you naturally or typically do when your power has been suddenly and inexplicably cut? A majority of the people will agree that they will head to the meter box straight and check for the cause. The idea is to identify the cause of the power cut. But what happens when the power has been cut deliberately?
Would it be safe to go and check the meter box all by yourself then? Would it be safe to take matters lightly then and not tread on it carefully. There has been multiple cases wherein the burglars and the criminals have tried to infiltrate a commercial as well as private residential space by breaking into the house by disabling the electricity of the house or the premises, to blind the residents of the facility.
This is something that the criminals have been seen doing time and again. So, it is not uncommon where the meter boxes become the first target. They use he vulnerability of meter boxes and using the same they infiltrate the facility and they cause harm to the residents and those other who are present inside the facility. While this is a dangerous vulnerability, there is certainly a solution to it- meter box security.
Yes, while we take the security of our house or our establishment seriously, by installing high-tech security installations and networks, it is important to understand that in the event of a deliberate power cut, these installations are rendered or can be rendered useless since they are generally powered by electricity.
Hence, in these circumstances when you are focusing and working on enhancing the security of the facility in general, you need to be focusing on enhancing the security of the meter box as well. If you are looking for Meter box Security, consider Meter Box Lock.
One way to do that is by placing a tamper proof lockable housing over the meter box. This is one of the best ways to ensure meter box security. This ensures that you are able to remove the opportunity for the burglar to actually access the meter box wherein he/she cuts the power to the house, disability the supply of necessary utilities to te facility and crippling it all together.
This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that there is no tempering with the meter box. When there is no tempering with the meter box there is less chances of break in into the facility. This can also work as a deterrent. For instance, if you know that you cannot cripple the power in the building, would you still want to risk breaking into the facility when the alarms are still connected to the circuit? Most probably not.
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