What is the Allen Bradley MIcro800 series?

What is the Allen Bradley MIcro800 series?
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Rockwell Automation, a renowned industrial automation business, created the Allen Bradley Micro800 line of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). This series is intended to provide a low-cost, compact solution for small to medium-sized automation projects. In this blog article, we will look at the Micro800 series' essential features, benefits, and applications.

1.Compact Design and Cost-Effective:

The Allen Bradley Micro800 Programmable Controller is noted for its tiny and modular design, making it ideal for applications that need a little amount of space. Because these controllers are inexpensive, enterprises may adopt automation solutions without breaking the bank. The Micro800 controllers' tiny footprint makes them appropriate for machine control and other space-constrained applications.

  • Space Efficiency: The Micro800 series is designed with a small footprint, making it ideal for situations where space is limited. This design element is particularly useful in situations when control panels or machine enclosures have limited available space.
  • Modularity for Flexibility: Despite its compact size, the series has a modular design that allows customers to expand and customise their automation installations as needed. The modular approach ensures that users may add certain capabilities and features without jeopardising the system's general compactness.

2.Scalability and Modularity:

Scalability is one of the Micro800 series' standout qualities. Users may select from a variety of controllers based on their application needs, beginning with small-scale applications and extending as needed. The series' modularity enables for the simple integration of additional modules like as digital and analogue I/O, communication modules, and specialised modules, increasing the system's versatility.

  • Flexible System Growth: The Micro800 series is intended to meet the increasing requirements of automation projects. Users can begin with a minimal setup and build up the system as their needs grow. This flexibility ensures that businesses do not need to invest in a larger control system than necessary at the initial stage.
  • Diverse Controller Options: The series includes a variety of controllers with varied capabilities. Users can choose a controller based on the complexity and size of their application. This variety of controller alternatives allows for scalability across a wide range of automation applications.
  • Adaptation to Project Size: The Micro800 series delivers controllers that can adapt to the size and complexity of the project, whether it's a tiny machine control application or a larger industrial process. This versatility enables the adoption of automation systems to be both cost-effective and efficient.

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3.Programming and Software:

The Connected Components Workbench (CCW) software is used to programme the Micro800 series, which is a user-friendly programming environment that streamlines the development process. The software offers ladder logic and function block diagram programming, giving users with different programming preferences more options. It also makes controller configuration and monitoring easier.

  • Connected Components Workbench (CCW): The Connected Components Workbench (CCW) is the major software tool for programming the Micro800 series. CCW provides an easy-to-use interface for writing control logic and setting Micro800 controllers.
  • Ladder Logic and Function Block Diagram: Both ladder logic and function block diagram programming approaches are supported by CCW. Because of this versatility, users may select the programming style that best suits their tastes and knowledge, making it suitable for a wide spectrum of automation specialists.
  • Graphical Programming Interface: CCW's graphical programming interface makes it easier to create control logic. Users may graphically create the control flow of their automation projects by dragging and dropping items, connecting components, and connecting components. This visual depiction makes programming easier, especially for people without prior coding knowledge.

4.Communication Protocols:

Ethernet/IP, Modbus, and serial connection are among the communication protocols supported by Micro800 controllers. This enables effective data transmission and control in industrial networks by ensuring seamless connectivity with other devices and systems.

5.Built-in I/O and Analog Capabilities:

The Rockwell Automation Micro800 series includes built-in I/O, which simplifies cabling and eliminates the need for extra modules in simple applications. Furthermore, certain controllers in the series provide analogue I/O, allowing users to handle analogue signals for accurate control in applications like temperature management and motion control.


The Micro800 series is ideal for a variety of applications such as machine control, basic process control, and small-scale automation projects. It is used in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, packing, and material handling. The Micro800 controllers' versatility and scalability allow them to be used in a variety of automation settings.

7.Security and Reliability:

Security is an important part of industrial automation, and the Micro800 series includes capabilities to safeguard the control system's integrity. Furthermore, these controllers are built for dependability, with strong hardware and firmware to endure the rigours of industrial settings.

To summarise, the Allen Bradley Micro800 series is a flexible and cost-effective option for small to mid-sized automation applications. Its small size, scalability, and simplicity of programming make it a popular choice for companies seeking to develop effective and dependable automation systems.

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