What Happens At Community Church Navarre?

What Happens At Community Church Navarre?
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Coming together is a step towards a better future and Community Church Navarre is the torchbearer of this statement. We cannot live in isolation. We need people around to keep us going. Community church Navarre works on the principle of understanding the diversity in every human being and then uniting him/her to walk on the righteous path. If you look around, then thousands have been deprived of the love and affection they truly deserve. The Bible says that you have to spread His love amongst His fellowmen. If you think you can do it alone, then you are living in a bubble. Through community church Navarre, you can begin your baby steps in the Lord’s direction.

How do community churches engage with the community to serve them?

Is the work of the church confined within the boundaries of the church? Are there conversations and deep engaging thoughts limited in the small group that visits the church? Certainly not! Community church Navarre works towards empowering and helping the community in the following ways:

Summers are supposed to be a tough time for the kids and parents. With no daycare facilities available, what are the parents supposed to do? Send them to vacation Bible schools where they will be taken care of and imparted with the teachings from the Bible. A great way to begin an early rendezvous with Him, vacation Bible schools are an engaging way to mingle with the community.

When your favorite pop star comes to town, you end up spreading the word on all your social media handles. Why not do the same when the church plans to host a socially relevant event? Go out and tell everybody that an event is coming up and it is a wonderful way to visit the church and experience His grace.

Is there a homeless couple in the vicinity who is in shambles and looking for help? Those associated with community church Navarre can be approached to help the couple. It is an engaging way of telling the others living in the community that the church is for everyone in need.

Community church Navarre can mingle with the community by being involved in the cleaning up activities in the area. By showing that the people in the church love the surroundings as much as the others do, the community church can develop a bond with the people living nearby and win their hearts.

If there are experts like accountants, technicians or plumbers in the church congregation, then such services should be made available to the people in the community so that everyone can avail of such services.

To learn more about community church Navarre and the kind of community services offered, visit www.compassefca.org.

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