What Factors Could Affect Good Customers Satisfaction For 2023

What Factors Could Affect Good Customers Satisfaction For 2023


Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any business. It reflects how well a company does in satisfying customer needs and expectations. Customers are constantly changing. However, satisfaction is something they will always expect. When customers spend time and money choosing and buying a product from you, they expect several boxes to be ticked off. Doing business in 2023 comes with more changes and trends, which include customer satisfaction. Image Source: Bigstock

In this article, we are going to look at what factors could affect good customers satisfaction for 2023;

  • Unethical Business Practices

Unethical business practices, such as price fixing, illegal dumping, and toxic emissions, can harm customer satisfaction, and in 2023, customers will not stand for it. For example:

Price Fixing

Price fixing involves companies working together to keep their product prices artificially high. This is illegal in many countries and can result in fines or imprisonment for those involved.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping occurs when waste products are illegally disposed of by businesses or individuals instead of correctly recycled or disposed of through legal channels. This is unsafe not only for humans but also for animals and the environment, which could lead to long-term health problems for years to come if left unchecked. 

In addition, illegal dumping has become an issue because it often occurs close to residential areas, affecting how people feel about living near industrial sites like chemical plants or manufacturing facilities. 

We saw in 2022 that customers care more now than ever about unethical business practices, and they will continue to care about this in 2023. 73% of consumers say they would be willing to pay more for a product from an ethical company.

2. Increasing Competition

The competition among B2B companies will likely increase in the coming years. Your customers may see you as a commodity provider rather than a brand that stands out from the crowd. Your customer service must remain consistent and high quality to ensure that you don’t become just another faceless company in their inboxes. One way to do this is by keeping prices low—but not so cheap that there’s no profit for your business.

The best way to ensure that you have a profitable business is by setting up your prices so that they are just high enough to generate some profit. By doing this, you will be able to provide good customer service yet still make money off each customer.

To adjust your prices and increase your profits, you must understand what drives customer value. This means understanding what makes a product valuable to customers and how they can use this value in their business. By doing so, you will be able to set the right pricing strategy for your business and maintain excellent customer satisfaction. 

3. Poor Customer Service

While customer service is the most important factor in a customer's satisfaction with a business, it's often overlooked. Customer service is the key to maintaining customer loyalty and ensuring your company will be successful for years to come.

In today's world, customers expect that companies will respond promptly to their needs, answer questions thoroughly, and provide them with assistance when needed. Companies that fail at this can lose their customers' trust and lose them as loyal customers. Poor customer service can also lead to bad reviews on social media or other review sites that could deter potential new customers from purchasing from you.

To reiterate how vital customer service will be to customer satisfaction in 2023,  46 percent of consumers admitted they expect more from customer service than the previous year.

4. Lack of Personal Touch

Personal touch is a very important factor in customer satisfaction. As we already know, customers can be very demanding and upset if their needs aren’t met. But if you provide a personal touch, you will have an advantage over your competitors and make them feel like you are on top of things, which makes them more likely to return and recommend your business.

However, it doesn’t mean that for your customers to be satisfied with their experience with your company, you need to give them everything they want for free. 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement which drives customer satisfaction. 

5. Service Conduct

The first critical aspect to consider is the service conduct of employees handling customers’ queries and complaints. When a customer contacts us, we should be able to give them an immediate response and make them feel that their voice has been heard. Our employees need proper training in this department to handle any situation easily and gracefully.

Service conduct is a measure of the quality of service provided to customers. It is about how you treat your customers, especially when there's a problem or complaint. It involves how you respond to customer feedback and complaints and how you deal with customer requests. Good customer service is the key to a happy customer. If you’re looking to build relationships with your customers, then it’s essential that you understand how they think and react.

Complaints Handling

One of the most common ways businesses can do this is by professionally handling complaints. When you receive a complaint from a client, don’t ignore it! Instead, respond to their concerns quickly and effectively by resolving them in some way as soon as possible.

6. Communication Channels

Communicating with customers is important. It can be challenging to determine which communication channels are appropriate for your company and its audience. For example, email marketing is a common channel for customer satisfaction measurement—but if your business uses email primarily as a marketing tool (rather than as a direct communication), you may want to consider using phone calls or live chat instead. 

The same goes for social media; while social networks like Facebook or Twitter can be great places to reach lots of people at once, they won't necessarily lead directly back into the rest of your website experience and, therefore, might not offer the best opportunity for soliciting feedback.

With online communication platforms becoming more important than ever, 2023 will force organizations to reevaluate how they communicate online to maintain customer satisfaction.

7. Service Delivery

The service delivery process refers to the methods a business uses to provide services to customers, including the resources and processes used to provide those services. Service delivery should be timely, consistent, and reliable for it to be optimal for both businesses and consumers.

Service delivery should also be cost-effective. This means that the costs involved with providing the service should not exceed what your target customers are willing to pay.


To recap, to achieve and maintain good customer satisfaction in 2023, organizations need to focus on service conduct, complaints handling, communication channels, and service delivery. Also, if improving customer satisfaction is a priority for your business in 2023, ensure you are familiar with the 10 most crucial customer satisfaction metrics to target!

In conclusion, every business owner needs to understand that customer satisfaction is essential for the success of their business. If you want your customers to come back and purchase more products or services from you, then it is vital that they feel valued and happy with what they have received from your company.

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