What are the most attractive mobile games?

What are the most attractive mobile games?
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At home or in the subway, during the coffee break or at recess, here are the best mobile games you should surely try if you haven't already!

You may have the most powerful and expensive mobile device on the market, but does it come with next-level games? Given the absolute ubiquity of advanced smartphones around the world - thus leading to a drastic improvement in mobile gaming in recent years - we can't blame you if you're still in the midst of a search.

You're doing well to be on this page, as we've compiled a list of the top six mobile games to try this year. You'll find the latest additions to the platform and titles that have been in the spotlight for several years. They have been upgraded to their latest models to provide a better gaming experience.

The list will certainly surprise you, as most of today's most famous mobile games were originally intended for consoles and PCs. From FPS games like PUBG to browser-based games like RuneScape and the Lucky 8 game, there is room for everyone’s taste in gaming.

  1. Call of duty: mobile

This is one of the best franchise games in the world for PC and console platforms, so it should not be surprising that Call of Duty (Mobile version) is on the top liste. It has been released in 2019 among the biggest mobile game launches to date. It produced over 480 million US dollars and 270 million downloads.

  1. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game from Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company. It is an incredible interactive adventure game in which players roam the real world to catch Pokémon, complete mini-quests, and participate in battles. Although it has been on the market since 2016, it successfully continues to generate $1 billion in revenue.

  1. Prize Blast

If you want to win some prizes by playing mobile games, Prize Blast is the game that you need! Produced by Lagoon Software and published two years ago, this mobile game is so easy to play. It looks like a puzzle game. This game introduces you to the world of treasure hunting. You can live an adventure and become a pirate to hunt treasures and win real prizes. That is why Prize Blast was different from other mobile games. You can receive prizes and those gifts are delivered directly to your home. You can find Prize Blast Tips on how to play this game, you can also check gamer’s reviews who received gifts by playing at this game..

  1. PUBG MobileWinner winner, chicken dinner!

PUBG is undoubtedly among the absolute best battle royale games. With its simple, yet effective controls and stunning graphics, it's no wonder it has recorded over 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of positive user reviews.

  1. Among Us!

Launched in 2018 by Inner Sloth LLC, Among Us is a space-themed murder mystery game that has found its central place in 2020. It ranked as the most downloaded, streamed, and talked about mobile game worldwide. It was so prevalent that Apple Inc. named it one of the 2020 trends in the global gaming market. Well, it's not just a trend, because the game is still as popular as ever. Although it is not as graphically demanding as those mentioned above, players have praised it as unique proof that the public's predilection for online games is not based on graphics alone.

  1. Minecraft: Bedrock

Minecraft: Bedrock is a promising version of Minecraft. Its controls are quite responsive, and it offers a plethora of activities. In addition to fighting bad guys, you might like its survival mode, whereby you mine your own resources and food.

  1. RuneScape

Many great browser games have also been transformed into mobile applications, and we can't help but add the classic MMORPG RuneScape. This game has all the fun aspects. From mining, farming, and completing minor and major quests to killing players, it's a vast world just waiting to be explored by you and your friends.



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