Ways to Promote your Mobile App at No Cost

Ways to Promote your Mobile App at No Cost

How many mobile applications are being created right now? Simply check at the statistics on the app store on your phone. The market for mobile app Development services is expanding constantly. In 2022, Statista.com projects that there will be 228.983.0 million downloads of apps. As you can see, the market for iOS and Android apps is exploding, and it doesn't seem like that will change any time soon.

You've just finished creating your own mobile application, but how do you differentiate yourself from the crowd so you don't get left behind? Create a marketing plan to advertise your mobile application. Would you prefer to carry it out without incurring any additional fees? Then you've reached the right site, as we have some excellent advice for you. Take notes while seated comfortably. 

What is mobile app promotion?

Mobile app marketing, also known as mobile app promotion, is a continuous activity that happens throughout a mobile app's lifecycle.

It entails mobile app developers speaking with current or potential app users to create efficient mobile marketing campaigns that will boost user retention and customer acquisition.

Mobile app promotion essentially entails connecting with customers at every level of the marketing funnel, from the time they first see your app in an app store (whether it the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or another) to helping them install or download it and beyond.

You must create a marketing strategy on the basis of which you will connect with your app's target audience in order to promote it. The execution of promotional activities must be carefully planned. Give up publishing the announcements if there are still some finishing touches to be worked out in your mobile app and you are still unsure of its final form.

Your objective should be to increase user engagement as well as the amount of app downloads. People are considerably more inclined to use an application that has been expertly created and is enjoyable to use. Even the best promotion strategy will not produce the expected results, if the mobile application does not live up to user expectations.

How can I promote my app for free?

Ask customers for reviews

Request reviews from your customers on Google Play or the App Store. Good reviews increase your credibility and position in search results, drive purchasing decisions, and have a direct impact on the app stores algorithms.

Aside from Serchen, Capterra, and G2Crowd, you can also think about other review sites; just keep in mind to react to each review.

Make your store optimized

ASO elevates the app's placement in natural search results for particular terms. The conversion rate will rise if you do it properly. What a fantastic method to set your mobile app apart from the competition! Also, it is free.

What should you pay particular attention to? Make sure your application's description includes all the necessary keyword phrases, and more significantly, make sure the application's name is based on a keyword phrase and is no more than 50 characters.

Think about how well the app's icon actually blends with the overall theme of the app. Always keep in mind that screenshots and other visual representations of your software have the greatest potential to persuade users to download it. Choose the examples that best represent it.

Embrass the power of QR code

The use of QR codes can help users download mobile applications more quickly and easily. And it is absolutely free. Everywhere is a good place to post it: on your website, on social media, as a graphic to an online advertisement, pasted into an email, or affixed to promotional items. See precisely how many downloads of your mobile application were made using the QR code, as well as from which devices, by taking advantage of this chance. 

Also, you can design your own exceptional QR Code, select its colours, edges, and frames, and include your brand's logo. Rising usage of QR codes. Amazing, isn't it?

Create an outstanding landing page

Create a landing page as a marketing strategy for mobile apps.

It will allow you the ability to more clearly express the advantages of your software, respond to any queries your target audience may have, and incorporate endorsements that will increase your credibility.

Making a landing page can also help search engines find your app, which may be a wonderful source of leads.

Content is the king - play around it

Publish articles about your application on a blog you create. Create a blog post series that addresses issues that users of your app have in an intriguing way. Your mobile app should be described in detail, including how to use it and what features it offers to users. It should also be compared to similar apps to demonstrate why it is superior.

Discuss subjects that your target audience finds to be interesting. Whether you post articles on your own blog or on Medium, doing so will not only bring more visitors to your website but will also help people become more familiar with your brand. Also, you can refer readers to an article where they can download your mobile application.

Nail social media

It won't take long to use social media to create an active community around your product. As a result, you will encourage user engagement and be in a position to interact with them frequently and effectively while also being able to meet their needs. Provide a link to any newly published blog posts on social media.

You should notify your followers as well if you release a significant software update. Organize a campaign where the winning entry receives a free upgrade to your app. You'll attract a paying customer this way. Always remember to select the right channel i.e.  one that is most often used by people from your target group For instance, TikTok is mostly utilised by younger audiences, but Twitter is used by people who prefer to have easy access to the most recent news from the worlds of politics, economics, sports, etc.

Don’t forget email marketing

The use of email marketing can help you draw in clients that value information. If your app is brand-new to the market, you can generate curiosity by emailing users and keeping them updated on the app's development before it goes live.

Also, you may entice users to sign up for a newsletter where they can receive updates about the app. You're not a content guru, but you'd like to learn how to create emails that people want to read. 

Use referrals

Set up a referral programme to motivate your current users to tell their friends to download your app. A "refer a friend" button can be added to your app, and you can reward users for each recommendation.

A free share of stock is offered by the aforementioned Robin Hood for every new user who downloads the app - the referral may receive a stock worth between $2 and $200.

Use various techniques to boost your app exposure for free

It's not always successful to create a great mobile app. The promotion of it still requires time and effort.

Fortunately, there are several free app promotion strategies that you can utilize, so it won't put a strain on your marketing budget. Because the bulk of users look for apps on Google Play and the App Store, this is one of the most advantageous ones.

By paying attention to queries on discussion boards like Quora, producing niche-specific content, and disseminating it on social media, you may demonstrate your expertise. Your brand image will improve as a result of receiving favorable consumer feedback and entering your app for awards, which will increase your credibility.

Final Words

Why not put some of the above-mentioned suggestions to the test now that you understand how to advertise an app?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with a reputed app development company such as DianApps if you still have questions or need help differentiating your product from the competition. Together with having the ability to design original items, the company must also understand how to generate buzz about them in the marketplace. Keep in mind that all of these actions add up, so you may successfully promote your mobile app without spending any money.

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