How to Reduce The Cost of Mobile App Development

How to Reduce The Cost of Mobile App Development
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14 September 2022

Every owner and manager of any company would want to lower the costs associated with any business process. We expect the same when it comes down to mobile app development costs. The goal is to preserve the highest quality while reducing or avoiding the cost of app development.

You would likely be familiar with the steps involved in mobile app development if you have worked as an app developer, or are a former employee of a Mobile app Development company. You will also be able to save time and money if you keep up with industry trends and use the most recent technology.

How much does mobile app development cost?

Each app development specification is generally unique. A hotel booking app might cost more than a telemedicine application. It all depends on what functionality we include in each app and how much expertise is required to complete it.

Other factors such as location, plug-ins, third-party integration, and app development companies' geographical proximity all impact the cost of mobile app development.

Our goal is to lower the cost of app development while maintaining high quality. Let's now get to it and learn the tricks and tips below.

1) Have a clear app development goal:

Every organization has a unique purpose for its app development strategy. Each mobile app has its own unique features, regardless of whether it's to generate revenue or streamline its business processes. Developers will be able to understand the details of your mobile app on demand and add all necessary functionalities. Some basics project details include:

  • Design requirements
  • Functionalities available for users
  • Work with Platforms
  • Alternative tasks (payment, GPS, etc.)

These are the details one submits to the designer and receives a quote for their project.

2) Continue with MVP

This is perhaps one of the most effective business strategies to test or enter the mobile application service market. The Minimum Viable Product acts more as a prototype that helps to assess the industry demand and then launch the main mobile app. This is where users can give feedback and help improve services. This is a low-cost and highly efficient way to start a startup.

It's a smart decision to spend less, understand the client's needs, and then build the main product. The MVP app is very targeted at the target audience and has limited features.

3) Cross-platform technology adoption:

Native mobile app developers use separate codes for building Android and iOS apps. This generally results in double the app-building time, and therefore double the cost of payment. Cross-platform development allows you to quickly release your mobile apps as developers only need one codebase to access the app on different platforms.

4) Outsourcing mobile app development:

If you live in the US, UK, or another developed country where developers charge high hourly rates, you can opt to have your project outsourced to an Asian country. People charge less there. This strategy can help reduce development costs by up to 40% to 50%.

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5) Using ready-made solutions

Pre-built systems are always smarter than developing every functionality from scratch. Many pre-built elements and frameworks are available, which can save you a lot of time and lower your app development costs.

There are many effective APIs, frameworks, and libraries that can be used to add specific features. These tools simplify the development process and help you achieve the best possible results for your users. Experienced developers are known for their ability to decide whether to use third-party integrations or manually code the system code.

6) Focusing on key features:

Do not get lost in the benefits of a mobile app, whether you are a startup or an established business. Keep it simple. A mobile app's primary goal is to facilitate the processing of disparate steps. For users' convenience, including the essential features such as secure payment. Allow users to explore the app on their mobile devices and make the most of it.

Your app will be lighter and more agile if you use a limited feature strategy. It also reduces development time and costs. We pay more for the development of the app the more features we add.

7) Troubleshooting and Fixes:

Not only does app development require financial support from businesses, but we also need to spend money on fixing bugs and other troubleshooting. This means that even after app testing and launch, there will be some costs for fixing bugs.

Mobile app development is not without its challenges. However, having a team of reliable experts can help you save a lot of money. Having fewer bugs will directly reduce your costs.

8) Access to other device permissions

Mobile apps can access different permissions on a user's device such as microphone, contacts, and camera. These permissions can be very useful for mobile features. If you order food through an app for a restaurant, it will track your location automatically using the enabled GPS.

The permissions granted by different apps can also be very vague. Your mobile calculator may ask for permission to access the camera roll. You will save money on app development costs by granting the right permission access. This will make your mobile application more user-friendly.


While an IT product is not cheap, it will save you thousands of dollars. You will get the most out of your investment in mobile apps by choosing the right technology and following the OS guidelines. If you need to grow your business with the mobile application, You need to contact our Mobile App Development Experts.


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