Warring States Gods and Demons List

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"I've been practicing a kind of metaphysical skill recently, and I don't like women most. I don't need a woman to sleep with me tonight, so please refuse for me so as not to hurt a woman's self-esteem." YuQi smell speech a Leng, then eyes strange flash, smiling way: "What kind of superior skill do you practice? You must avoid women?"? I can see from Xi Niang's eyes that she likes you very much. If you refuse, won't you spend the night in vain? But if you insist, it's easy to do! Li Se-chen nodded in awe to express his insistence, and Yu Qi did not dare to go against his intention, and said: "Master Li, the murderer stabbed the top of the bedroom. You can't live here any more tonight. I'll arrange for you to live in the west wing and send some guards to guard the courtyard." Li Se dust smell speech eyes a bright, busy asked: "Mr. Li, I like a quiet place with a wide view. It's better to face the big lake. Is there such a place?" Yu Qi said with a look of embarrassment: "There is a three-story building, built on the lakeside, called Wangbo Building." But that's the place for the Marquis to live in. I'm afraid it's not right for the Marquis to arrive tomorrow. Li Se-chen laughed and said: "Monarch and minister are different,rapid sand filters, of course I can't live in it, but there will always be an escort room, right?"? Just vacate a room. Yu enterprise eyebrows a tremor lightly sigh a way: "This is too wronged, Master Li!"! As long as you don't mind, you can live in it at any time. I'm afraid the Marquis will blame me for my inconsiderate hospitality. If the penalty comes down,Rotating sludge scraper, Yu can't afford it. Lee color dust laughed. "Deputy Chief Yu is worrying too much!"! I have traveled all over the world to study. I have traveled all over the world. I have suffered all kinds of hardships. Even the broken woodshed can be happy. I will explain that aspect of the Marquis. It has nothing to do with you. LingSong busy way: "Master Li is an important guest of the Marquis. How can we treat guests like this?"? Why don't you move the owner's coffin out of his original residence and let Headmaster Li live in it? Yu Qi patted his forehead and agreed: "Yes!"! The lakeside building is an independent and remote house. Although it is quiet, it is not easy to defend. Unlike here, if the enemy has a sign of trouble, our support is very quick, and we can annihilate the people immediately. Li Se-chen pretended to be surprised: "What?"? Hou Ye's visiting residence, unexpectedly so remote? Wouldn't it be over if I was assassinated by an assassin? Isn't it too hasty to wait? Yu Qi hurriedly explained: "Master Li, you misunderstood. When the Marquis arrived, we were all masters in the museum and protected around the pavilion, so the Marquis's safety was guaranteed." Li Se-chen pretended to be slightly angry way: "This shows that this remote pavilion is usually not closed, I should first live in to understand the environment, fine bubble diffuser ,multi disc screw press, because the murderer is too insidious and cunning, we can not take chances." When Yu Qi and Ling Song saw that Li Sechen insisted on his own opinion, they did not dare to say anything more. Yu Qi ordered Xi Niang to inform his subordinates to open the "Wangbo Tower". After Li Sechen was full of wine and food, he immediately moved in. Li Sechen, Yu Qi and Ling Song chatted easily in the hall. It was not until the moon was hanging in the air that Yu and Ling accompanied Li Sechen to live in the "Wangbo Building" and sent ten guards to live together. Bright moon in the sky, Yu Qi and Ling Song left "Wangbo Tower" along the gravel path, Ling Song's face was full of murderous look, sneer at a way: "Qi'er!"! This Erlenzi is taking a bath with a woman in his arms. He can not only avoid your thunderous assassination, but also fight back. He really has some skills. If I had known this, I would have called out the'magic dart 'to kill him! Yu enterprise face haze lightly sigh a way: "Godfather, I didn't expect this Erlenzi to suddenly disturb the situation and almost ruin our plan!"! In your opinion, did he find anything on the owner's body? Ling shrugged complacently sneer at a way: "He has no proof. Even in front of the Marquis, he can't beat us. But this spirit is strange and hard to guess. It's not like the honest Taoist old master in the rumor, but it's quite in line with his nickname of Jade Magic Hand.". If this person is not removed, it may be a bad thing! Yu Qi Su Rong cold hum way: Godfather! No matter how good his martial arts are, he's just a mortal. Your'White Bone Demon Dart 'artifact hasn't been used on him yet, and we don't know who will be the winner. Besides, our master is one of the Five Elders of the'Demon Gate'-the'Water Demon God '. Now he hides in the dark and takes the initiative. Can he be protected only by that Erleng? Isn't that too ambitious for others? Ling towering face sullen light rebuke a way: "Qi'er, not afraid of ten thousand, just in case!"! How can a small view be allowed with the support of the'Demon Gate '? Now there is'Jade Magic Hand 'to help more can not be ignored! Didn't the leader of our'Demon Gate 'tell us three times? Yu Qi retorted disapprovingly: "Godfather, I heard that the'Demon Gate 'and my'Demon Gate' were one family a hundred years ago. Although I don't know why I had a quarrel and stood on my own feet, Li Sechen is an old man of the Taoist school. How can he allow the'bystanders' to cooperate with him?"? Maybe they'll turn upside down as soon as they meet tomorrow? This is also a great opportunity for us to assassinate! Ling Song smell speech facial expression suddenly change a way: "You don't want to die?"? A hundred years ago, the saying that the demon and the demon were originally one was not a violation of the taboo of the religious leader? If other elders learn about it and stir up trouble in front of the religious leader, the master will lose face and kill us! Embarrassed, Yu Qi fiercely accompanied him, saying: "Godfather, it was Qi'er who made a slip of the tongue!"! Are you still going to attack Li Sechen in the middle of the night? Ling towering sneer at a way: Unless he doesn't sleep, he can't escape the plot of the White Bone Dart! Must first get rid of him to avoid future trouble, because tomorrow there will be around the'demon door 'accompanied by people, but I do not know what is the corner to guard? If we let Li Sechen and the'Demon Gate 'join hands, it will be quite disadvantageous to us! Yu Qi surprised way: Godfather! Will the good and the evil really join hands against us? Ling Song affirmed: "This Li Sechen is both evil and good. Since he is called the'Jade Demon Hand ', it can be seen that he is not a good person. He will do things that people can't imagine. So kill him first tonight,disc air diffuser, lest we have a long night and a lot of dreams, and sleep restlessly!" Yu Qidao: "Godfather, I don't believe he has three heads and six arms!" Ling Song said confidently:. khnwatertreatment.com

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